Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Obama Seeks To Ban Elemental Atmospheric Earth Gas

Following a single rain, more ozone is produced by electrical activity in lightning than all the ozone ever produced by human industrial processes in recorded memory.

Ozone, in combination with naturally produced hydrogen peroxide, is the single most critical disinfectant on the planet. Without it, it is likely the surface would be overrun by bacteria and fungus in a few weeks if it were not for the UV emitted by the Sun.

People laugh at attempts by the Vatican to issue forgiveness for sins in exchange for cash during the Dark Ages, but that was positively sane compared to the government issuing juntas against ozone.

Aside from the fact that there are a billion pollutants spewed now that desperately need banning, like mercury and formaldehyde, you have to wonder what kind of insane person would suddenly decide to try to regulate ozone. Ozone is produced by so many different chemical reactions it is identical to trying to eliminate water vapour.

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Ron said...

This one post is so useful, I feel like screaming in rage and frustration that no one has yet bothered to make the point you have just made.