Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No Problems Here A Straitjacket And Thorazine Can't Solve

Bill Ayers Told Barack to Continue The Revolution With or Without The Consent of 300 Million People

At some point, you have to introduce serious talk of mental illness. Serious. It could be expected of a person with such a crazy, tormented upbringing.

Even the nuttiest tyrant at some point will realize he has been shown the door. The only person who would persist at this point is a guy with a screw loose upstairs. I'm a person with conviction but if I saw a referendum passed on my administration like this, I'd think ... time for me to start packing my bags. Right or wrong, people just don't want what I am selling. Period.

The real failure here is not with this guy. It is with Congress for failing to impeach. They are the ones who are just not doing their jobs.


Herman said...

Out fearless leader wants more cholos in San Diego. I've been a border/barrio crawler my whole life starting in Laredo ending in San Ysidro the last thing this country needs is more Mexicans even the Latino families that have been here a while say so

Grognard said...

Well I guess the next pres can just executive order everything he did undone.