Monday, November 24, 2014

Mentioning the Emperor's New Clothes

So simple even Naomi Wolf could see it

It would not carry any weight if the videos were not so badly faked. They have clear matte lines in them, are obviously staged against false backdrops and the whole thing looks incredibly staged.

What is really exposed here is not these fake atrocity videos. It is the incompetence of the government in creating them.

I don't know if you saw that pathetic film they tried to blame Benghazi on. It was rushed into production and was a joke it was so poorly put together.

The same could be said of the atrociously lousy photoshopped forgery of Obama's birth certificate.

It is not that some people notice how badly these things are faked. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature notices. Sandy Hook looked all wrong from the first couple of minutes when it was happening. You could tell it was all just ... off. Same for the Boston Bombing.

The shocking thing to contemplate is that this was the best the government could do. Obviously, when these guys failed to recruit me into Psy-Ops 30 years ago they really needed people like me. I had no idea they were that hard up. They lost the best and brightest and they must have then scraped the bottom of the barrel for these guys that replaced me. They are sad and deranged that they can do no better than this.


Ron said...

I don't get it. If they are insane and evil enough to do these things, then why fake it?

Why fake blowing up Boston, when one can simply get some Muslim to go and do it with a bit of encouragement?

Why fake shooting up a school when you come pump a mental headcase with more than enough drugs, hand him a plenty of ammo, some hypnosis and point him in the right direction?

Why fake killing American captives, when you can just as easily kill them? It's not as if there are no innocent Americans wandering around the mideast, it's not as if these people have any real regard for human life.

This is the massive flaw I find in the current speculation regarding possible false flag events.

Texas Arcane said...


It's a difference in control over all the elements of the false flag.

If it is a real event, a million things can go wrong. If it is street theatre, you control all factors of presentation and there are no real victims to clamour for an investigation. There won't be survivors on the news telling people parts of the story that don't add up.

Sam said...

"...Why fake blowing up Boston, when one can simply get some Muslim to go and do it with a bit of encouragement?..."

Maybe after 9-11 they're having trouble getting people to be involved in mass killings. Lots cooperated on 9-11 because they didn't really understand what was up. Now they're having trouble getting people to kill more. People are more aware of false flags and when they ask people to do stupid stuff those people are asking themselves if it's a false flag and refusing to become involved. They can fond some to do but the numbers are dwindling. After all if this blows up in their face this is treason and calls for penalties up to the death penalty. I think the Jews are loosing control. The revelations in England point to them loosing control there too. Another clue is no Iran attack. Somebody just said no.