Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kwanstainia : Land of Edjamafacashun

Bipedal biomass challenged to locate itself in time and space, fails Turing test miserably.

This is the educational debt they will be paying off well into their old age. This.

The problem with the future is … who are you going to get to staff it?

It is like a Zen Koan … if Amerikwa becomes a third world country and there is nobody left there smart enough to know the difference, does it matter?

I enrolled in Texas Tech but never showed up in the fall. I can see I didn't miss anything from watching this. Hey college, I want five years of wasted life back.

At night I would sit alone in the dormitories working on my computer. These types you see above spent the evenings out getting drunk, driving recklessly and coming in late screeching and banging on the walls. Sometimes my address changed and I was doing all of this somewhere else. The Sapiens did not change. All a bunch of actors play-acting at life. It is like an animal trying to simulate a human, unsuccessfully for the most part. If they outnumber you, remember they are the normal ones and you are some sort of defective. Oh, I almost forgotthey always outnumber you.

The kids grow up to be these adults. Then they vote. Guess what sort of people they vote for.


Mark Mitchell said...

Tex, OT but related to your post some time back about 'thals and cold.
What if the Spartan exposure of their newborn was (we're talking Greek mountains here) an intentional strategy to kickstart epigenetic changes? That exposure is beneficial to an infant?

August said...

They are going to staff it with robots. I would not be surprised if the idea of a universal income becomes something even republicans get on board with- the Fed is going to need yet another way to expand the money supply, and tons of employees at the check-out counter are going to be unemployed. I expect I could be replaced too, and most middle class folk are going to be rather surprised that they can be replaced so easily.

Jake said...

Seen this?

cbenediccengi said...

Nuke detonation Timeline

bicebicebice said...

bicebicebice said...

Pretty funny article, slackers beeing mad cus there was no demand in the real world for their five year major in harry potter wands. Time to pay the bill.

cbenediccengi said...

confidence trumps accuracy...

Ron said...


They should be angry, because they were deceived by the Universities into wasting time and money involving themselves in a scam.


Just because these people are lazy idiots, does not make them the "bad guys" here. An ignorant idiot can still do a lot of good for society, there are many, many roles that uneducated people can fulfill.

The only real problem with these people is that they are allowed to vote. Bring back the property requirements, as well as age, and being male, and you can solve that one too.

The real atrocity here, is in the University system which deceived all these students into thinking they were doing anything other than wasting their time and getting an education. It's a disgusting and cruel scam that flushes the most productive years of the youth down the toilet and at the same time puts them into terrible debt.

And by "all", I mean "ALL". Given that so many abysmally ignorant and miseducated people get degrees, it shows that the degree is worthless. Thus there is simply little to no point in spending that money to get a degree in the first place. So now even the educated students have been cheated out of respectable degree.

bicebicebice said... most students today are just pampered man-babies, if at all, they have deceived themselves willingy and good luck to them i say, they get no pity from me.