Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kwanstainia Is Finished

Forbes says out loud what people like me knew 20 years ago.

The Kwa got improvamented.

50% of the children in the United States are not natives and can neither read, write or speak well enough to get middle class jobs even if they had any left. Time to get back to reality. Think exit strategy.


John said...

Exit strategy, OK, fine, but where do you go? I know you saw the writing on the wall 20 years ago and decided on a change of scenery, but you went to Australia. Did you go there to escape the terminal decline in the U.S.? Sounds like you've got the same problems down there, albeit on a smaller scale. What were your thoughts when you set off? Surely you looked before you leaped. Things can change quick though.

I'm genuinely curious to hear your response, not trying to be contentious here. I'm the same age as you were when you left the U.S. If you were me, where would you go? At this point, is it better to just dig in and see what happens?

Texas Arcane said...


I've always figured that China will nuke America's floating resupply carrier in the Pacific before the decline is as bad as the U.S. and that is why I have planned to shelter when it happens.

The most likely scenario for Australia is:

China goes to take back Taiwan

America uses Australia to launch sorties and begin the war

China takes the safe route and nuke Australia to bedrock but does not touch the U.S. yet, giving them option of backing down

America doesn't back down and China nukes the West Coast back to Stone Age

America withdraws with half their country still intact and leaves Australia to get ass-raped by Chinese invasion later on

Texas Arcane said...


The reality is that although it is far from ideal, Australia is the furthest you can get south out of the jetstream and still live in a developed nation.

If WW3 goes cobalt, a death shroud will encircle the upper half of the planet for decades.

KW Jackson said...

If I was in the US I'd consider these three options:
1) Northwestfront
2) Emigrate to Australia
3) Emigrate to Southern Chile or Argentina (where the Germans are).

Lugh said...

What's the scenario for Australia if an ice age hits? If conditions stay good, might the Chinese set up shop there as well as in Africa?

John said...

The cobalt sounds awful. I want to believe it would never get used but that's probably too much to hope for. Thanks for your replies.

On a side note, I've started noticing people with Morton's toe. Everybody here wears flip-flops and I now find myself in the habit of checking the second toe. The two people I know personally who have it are extremely polite and friendly, very kind faces. Some would call their type naive, but they're just guileless and out of place among gossiping backstabbers. Anyways, it's interesting to see these cues.

bicebicebice said...

Grognard said...

China is full of corruption, too. That is why I can't imagine a real war happening. Once you are at a certain level of corruption it's just impossible to keep up because at a grass roots level no one cares.

I envision the decline more like a one world government that is completely corrupt and ineffective and all scientific progress halts forever and semi-starvation is the norm for the rest of history. Only chance to come out is for it to all completely collapse first, but the way they are homogenizing the planet with diversity destroys any chance for any nation to pull out of the nose dive even if that happens. They will have been too improvafied on a low level to pull themselves together for thousands of years.

Mantis Mainomai said...

@ Texas Arcane
Is there any specific reason you didn't consider New Zealand? Simply because of its geology (Ring of Fire - earthquakes and possible volcanoes), or any other considerations?

Bill Anderson said...

Worst name ever!

Eammon Fingolton!


Bet he wasn't molested!

Sam said...

I'm with Grognard. I think that the Jews will attempt to start WWIII between Russia/China and the US. I'm not so sure they'll be able to bring it off. The Chinese don't want to die. The Chinese must know from the 9-11 steel that there's a big scam going on and they also know the Jews are the instigators. They, like the Japanese, studied Western culture and institutions to see what worked and what did not. They have to be Jew wise. I've read that the most read book in China is "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Whether the book is real or not doesn't matter. They read it and can't but help notice how it exactly describes the world. This would mean that any false flags to get them into a war with the US they would take a second look.

Another BIG play is we haven't attacked Iran. Apparently someone just said, NO! I'll give Obama credit for that. I don't like him but he hasn't attacked Iran. I believe this is extremely important. It's the single most important task the Jews want the US to do and they're not able to pull it off. Even the false flag operations are not working as they should. People are coordinating information all over and publishing the obvious flaws.

It may be that the US is not done. World power, no but not done-done. No one believes the press any more and more and more people are getting wise to the Jewish plague. They're not the whole problem but they're the root. The main line of the decay. Conquer them and there is some ability to make things better. Maybe not. Remember Germany was in worse shape and controlled much more by the Jews and they were thrown out. In the US case there will be no one to attack the US like what happened in Germany.So it could stick. Of course this has to be before they get those damn robots working reliably or we're toast. Actually everyone on the planet is toast. The Jews will kill everyone everywhere if they get enough of those robots and they're effective.

I'm going to add one more thing that people say isn't important but I believe is. The number of hunting permits in just Pennsylvania is higher than the total number of troops. Many people say that doesn't matter with tanks, drones, etc. but you have to have someone to operate all this stuff. All the soldiers are not going to go for killing off the American population. They can't all stay in Armoured carriers all the time and even if they do they can be hit with Molotov cocktails. They'll have to get out and then they're toast. Most people know enough about what happened in Russia to know that giving up means death anyways. They just don't have the personal.

If I was John I'm not sure what I'd do. Canada maybe. If you're White South America could be a bad place when we have a global financial meltdown. You could get blamed for it and no one would help you. Finland might be a good place. Stable and lots of oil money. Norway?

Texas Arcane said...


We were actually investigating relocating there from Oz but the volcanism and quakes happening there, particularly in Christchurch, scared us off.

Grognard said...

Obama wanted to attack iran but could not even get congress to go along with syria, which would be much less insane and disastrous, but still completely fighting on the wrong side and having nothing good that can come out of it.

Attacking iran in 1979 made sense, at this point it is not just a pipe dream but totally pointless. With a good chance of leading to USA being wiped off the map by nukes.