Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kwanstainia Demands An End To Mammalian Lifestyles

Get that moneymaker shaking out there, says master pimp

Government is a business. They make money through tax revenues. If it comes down to double the tax revenues or healthy humans, which one do you think it more important to them?

This ugly prejudice against mothers is basically a man trying to get his ass whipped. We've all got mothers and I don't like mine being insulted as "just a mother." That is a pretty big job in society, the most important one of all. Obama might be ashamed of his mother, who was essentially a gangbang whore for a communist clubhouse but ... that's his problem. His mother was an embarrassment. Mine was a saint and a credit to women everywhere.

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Herman said...

My grandmother was a a stay at home in minnesota and Arizona she was also one of the most productive members of her community. She was active in bake sales cancer fairs and a multitude of other community efforts and organizations. I don't see how mothers going to work can benefit the country, since it takes from the development of children and therefore from the success of communities