Sunday, November 23, 2014

John Casey : Grand Minimum Is Coming!

 Food riots, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!

Vault-Co called it in 2003! I have it archived around here somewhere from the old site. In 2004 the secret Pentagon report got leaked and the majority of people in the West were so stupid they thought it had something to do with global warming. Behind the scenes the elites were getting ready for the exact opposite.

You could do worse than to live in Australia during this period. There will still be a growing cycle and enough sunlight and warmth to run large scale agriculture.

The problem is that during every one of these previous natural cycles, war has followed. War follows on famine and famine causes war.

Luckily modern people can't do basic math. A simple one degree average drop in temperatures would result in snowfalls similar to those they had in the early 1700's with 20+ feet of snow falling in two days. This would completely smother the northern hemisphere, shut down almost all traffic outside of specially modified rail carriages with snow plows on the front of them and starve most inhabitants of the 'Stain to death in a couple of weeks. A two degree drop in average temperatures could produce apocalyptic snowfalls overnight that would actually cave in the roofs of wood frame houses and bury entire cities in their sleep. This is like that thing that Robert Felix was talking about. All you'd need after that is a tidy magnetic reversal and you'd definitely be living in interesting times.

They gotta get that solar paint out on the market as cheap as a bucket of sealant! It could save countless lives over the next couple of decades and revolutionize private generation of energy!


The Observer said...

"They gotta get that solar paint out on the market as cheap as a bucket of sealant! It could save countless lives over the next couple of decades and revolutionize private generation of energy!"

Now, Tex, you know better than that. That's why the current elites will fight tooth and nail to prevent it from being released, save perhaps for themselves.

Lazer said...

Sam said...

Banker/Environmental policy expert.Slits own throat in suicide.

Investigators know it's suicide because,"...because of the nature of the wounds and the fact a knife was found under his body, sources said..."

Holy bleeping whatever do they even care if we know?

Mantis Mainomai said...

One Finnish band seems like they may be in on the secret:

"Your folk know me as the whisper in the wind. The bringer of soothing, a gentle guardian of sleep. My voice, so calm before, now thunders across the land. Calling you to take heed, delivering news of hard times ahead.

Gather your children and flee to the far southern borders. North will be your home no more. Leave this region with haste, for the time of the scourge's coming is still unknown. Take heed of my warning, for too many past folk have perished, the folk I held dear. This doom is not the first to come, nor the last that I shall see.

Great masses of ice will appear, flow across these fertile lands and swallow all you once called home..."

Ron said...

My God, they didn't get it wrong at all. They were intentionally lying so the public wouldn't take steps to save themselves.

That's why they keep pushing this insane angle in the face of all evidence to the contrary. They use emotionally damaged people as mouthpieces because ... what? How in the world does murdering people help them?

Texas Arcane said...


They are opportunists and they realised that the fewer people prepared the better. This is the express route to the Georgia Guidestones depopulation directive. They probably see this as the best thing that could have possibly happened to further their plans.

All those useless eaters gone in a few winters. It is like a Kissinger wet dream.

This will hit hardest first in the third world, where it will kill millions shortly.

Grognard said...

About time.

Herman said...


Texas Arcane said...


Worst fear in Australia is that our country will be swamped by flotillas and entire fleets of people coming south, including Americans. They may figure a nation of unarmed people hardly deserves to live in one of the last mildly warm places on the planet and decide all this great infrastructure is theirs for the taking. They'd probably consider it the equivalent of "hoarding" just by living here.