Monday, November 17, 2014

Insane Unannounced "Active Shooter Drills"

Here is an example of this terminal madness of the end-times lunacy.

Some people believe this may be exactly what happened at Sandy Hook.

The government held a drill in a closed-down school and the people around it called the cops. They showed up because they were not informed that this drill was taking place. They shot Adam Lanza without knowing he was a simpleton drafted to play the role of a shooter.

Everything after that was damage control. The government desperately struggled to turn it into another "school shooting" massacre they could use to promote gun control. The reason the actors involved appeared to be so haphazard is that they were called from existing crisis actor lists, briefed quickly and shoved in front of cameras. This explains why so many of them were grinning inappropriately before the feeds began. If they'd had more time to prepare they would not have done such lousy jobs.

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