Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Story of Edjamafacashun

Edjamafacashun is becoming a very ambiguous word in Kwanstainia

With half your professions featuring people who can barely speak, read and write around a third grade level and routinely fail general examinations that children used to pass, obviously you are going to have to loosen up standards in order to accommodate all these edjamafacated peeples.

Don't worry, scro, my ex-wife was 'tarded. She's a pilot now.

National Guard Gets Black-Ops International Force

I think I may have gotten some bad poppy seeds in my last tomato sandwich. I just hallucinated I read a story about the National Guard in North Carolina getting an "international" black-ops division.

Free-for-all. Absolute anarchy. Just making it up as they go. The rule of law is out the window. It's just a carnival circus of freaks and lunatics like the end of the Roman Empire.

Oil Crashing, Megadepression Begins

Years of talk about resource scarcity. Created the fracking industry out of thin air.

A healthy economy soars on cheap energy. A sick, feeble, delusional fake economy will collapse with realistic market prices for fuels and resources.

Meanwhile, Kwanstainians engage in violent riots and assaults over discounted lingerie and "ladies" underwear. Reminds me of the damned wrestling in a dank inner circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno over some long forgotten feud that is utterly meaningless. Except it is not just the Kwa anymore. The truth is, birds of a feather flock together.

TDCS Backlash Begins

I really hope this discourages millions of people from using it for decades into the future.

I don't want to share it with anybody but people I know. I like having the advantage.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Earth's Magnetic Field Prepared For Reversal/Excursion

Read Robert Felix's counterpoints to the article in Scientific American

You will see how deceitful modern scientists are when they tell the public there has not been a magnetic reversal in 780,000 years. That is a blatant falsehood. The poles have reversed and stayed that way for over a thousand years and then flipped back. "Oh," they concede, "You know about that. Except we call that an excursion, not a reversal." You then discover that during this "excursion," the Earth went through what looked like a planetwide nuclear war. Electrical storms so big they covered continents appear to have caused tectonic plate movements while the surface was bombarded with thousands of rads an hour. Oh, right ... that "excursion!" Don't you think you could have dropped a mention of the fact there have been over a dozen of those or more?

Robert Felix is the only one of these guys who does not appear to speak with forked tongue. He is also the guy who seems to be confirmed by the facts. The more evidence you have the more prescient that Felix appears to be.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

EndTimes Madness Roundup Nov-26-2014

It all makes sense now.

Still aiming to get at the biological bottom of how this is all triggered in the tenth generation. I think THE HUNGRY APE by Jim Penman here in Australia was the closest I've ever seen to getting it right. The Nobel Committee must have missed out on their copy in the mail.

Systema Champion #1 Is Ready To Party

Kwanstainia, a flyover world colony destined to end up at the bottom of a radioactive crater.

Nation-State versus Trendy Cosmopolitans = Cosmopolitan Ash Statue Bird Baths.

There is a reason the Nation-State has been the dominant mechanism for organisation of civilisations for thousands of years. It is the best way to do it. The world is a museum of marxist failures and all globalism is or ever was is the international extension of marxist ideology. A mistake like that won't just get a single person killed … it can get an entire nation whacked right out of history. Vault-Co is calling it right now in advance and it is going to be a sweep by Russia. The Kwa won't have any concrete structures left higher than a meter on the whole continent when it is over to engrave an epitaph for them.

Aussies Innovation 100 Years Ahead Of The Rest Of The Planet, As Usual

Wind turbines based on gearless superconductor coils that run at 1,000 times previous efficiency

Wow! With all that innovation, you'd think this country would have 100% employment and a negative job vacancy rate, right?

You're right. That's what should be happening.

The True Story of Thanksgiving

An oldie but goodie on Vault-Co.

The reason the early colonists nearly starved to death is that they attempted to run the colony as a communist collective. No sooper seekret magic injuns showed the colonists how to "plant corn." Europe had been continuously innovating in agriculture for centuries before a single colonist set foot in Amerikwa. They were well aware of methods for growing corn beyond the wildest dreams of the indians and their subsistence paleolithic practices. When this fairy tale is supposed to have happened of a fantasy love-in feast between indians and colonists, in reality my ancestors were fighting at Blakemore's fort in Virginia against huge hordes of cannibal savages who didn't have any idea of territorial boundaries - they were simply hungry for some white meat at the end of November. These noble savages who were said to have mystical knowledge of the earth didn't even pause at killing babies and women they were able to catch alone. They had no knowledge of mercy, honor, kindness or friendship, viewing all of these as forms of weakness. Less DANCING WITH WOLVES and more BLACK ROBE.

In the early 1920's, anthropologists tried to blame the indians on Neanderthals as was fashionable back then whenever you needed a stooge to frame for some crime you found in the fossils. DNA sequencing has shown that the North American indians were pure, undiluted Cro-Magnons in their origins, which explains so much. In the Indians you see the Cro-Magnons without a huge army of Neanderthal slaves at their beck and call. That's how far they would progress in technology. Simple hunting and gathering with fighting in-between forever.

Windows 8 Deliberately Compromised To Any Good Hacker

It's like having an East German Stasi listening post in the closet in your study.

Instead of installing Windows 8, why not just mount a streaming webcam in every room of your house and send it straight to the NSA offices 24/7 around the clock? It would give you more privacy.

The law covers it perfectly and it has not required so much as an addendum for 200 years. Yes, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams really were that smart. Tom and John, if you were so smart why'd you die broke?

The law is no better than the men who live in a government and all the good ones are long gone in Kwanstainia.

China Has Solidarity And Homogeneity

That's why they have the advantage in nearly every situation.

Communism is the exact opposite of spontaneous acts of kindness and mutual cooperation, it posits that only the government is good and therefore has the right to steal from everybody. Where the government has to enforce behavior you can assume that people are avoiding it for a very good reason. For every regulation they pass that supports contracts between individuals they pass ten thousand that only support submission to the State. If the feelings of mutual shared heritage and culture do not occur naturally there isn't a government edict on earth that can force people to behave as if it did.

You can try to drive nature out with a pitchfork, sir ... but be assured it will always return.

The Poh-Leesh Will Protect Us

... they'll protect us real good.

People using common sense always insist somebody would break ranks. In reality, it turns out that 75% of cops know something illegal is going on and they are just showing up for a paycheck. An overwhelming number of bobbies would have been exposed to different parts of this colossal conspiracy and the proof is emerging that when each one of them had to choose between serving pure evil and murdering the innocent, they chose to keep their jobs.

This is why the ancient right to bear arms goes back 1200 years to the Scottish Declarations of Rights of Free Men. Our ancestors knew all these sad lessons, modern people have forgotten them and are thus anthem to recurring tragedy the likes of which they cannot imagine.

From that crooked timber, no straight thing was ever hewn. Any man who insists that only the government can be entrusted with arms is either a psychopath or an abject fool. For the majority of mankind it is almost exclusively the latter.

Any man who screams we need to save the children should go into a madhouse. A child belongs to his or her family or his kin. Any man who claims it takes a village to raise a child is a pedophile and should be drowned in a creek as Teutonics did for countless centuries. Other people's children is none of your business, sir. Your interest in their welfare is troubling since it always seems to be implying the parents are suspected of incompetency. Turns out it is always you who are suspect, my friend. I am sure there are people genuinely concerned for the welfare of the children of strangers but it should be obvious by now the other 95% of them are rotten filthy monsters.

Another Quality Harvard Graduate Framed

This guy is class valedictorian.

Apologists from Harvard already volunteering rationalizations. Wait, let me guess, this one was depressed too. That depression, will get you every time.

The tenth generation is going to make Amerikwa great again. Just look how good they are doing so far. That edjamafacashun is worth every penny they paid for it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NCD Explora 451 - MTBF 2079 A.D. ?!?!

I was corresponding with an academic I bought some more NCD devices off EBay from the other night. He followed up with an email just out of curiosity to see what I was doing with them.

When I told him the Cold War history behind the device and how the original boards were running on North Sea buoys for early detection of Soviet submarines it blew his mind. I explained to him why the board claimed a 400,000+ hour MTBF (39 years!), something no other embedded manufacturer has ever claimed for an x86/PowerPC device.

He said, "I've got an original manual here that says 800,000 hour MTBF. I think they were forced to change that figure because the U.S. regulates claims for PCs to cap it at that ceiling. The real MTBF could actually be much longer than that in reality given the components on the board."

You might as well have slapped me with a mackerel. My heart was pounding with excitement when I read this. I always had a hunch about this baby.

I have had this running as an X-Window browser for VOS so far but I am still working on getting it running correctly as the server. 80 years for possible(!) failure might as well be 500 years for some boxes.

I gotta get me some of those Russian anti-aging pills so I can see the day when this thing finally crashes running Vault-OS and requires a reboot. Then hopefully watch it for another 80 years. The maintenance costs are killing me with this hardware. 80 years? Man, I will probably be busy when it requires a reboot so I'll just automate that with some kind of watchdog.

P.S. Passive cooling, no moving parts, 12 volts draw at 0.5 amps, 250 ma in sleep mode waiting for somebody to waltz by and touch the terminal. There is apparently a hack by disconnecting the unused flash ram slot to get it even lower than that. That is with the draw of a VGA monitor connected. With new minuscule LCD VGA connected it is tiny requirements for power. This thing was designed by master engineers in the early 90's and forgotten about by the world. This hardware hails back from an era when America still had amazing engineers working for their military.

Russia Would Win WW3 If Started Today

Would jack the Kwanstain in a single day's worth of exchanges.

This report does not even consider the possibility of China acting in concert with their forces.

If they formed a mutual defence pact, the two countries would nuke the world's capital of pornography down to bedrock.

While you were sleeping. If you hadn't been reading Vault-Co the past ten years this would all come as a pretty big surprise.

Russians Moving Anti-Aging Tech To Market

In the past three years, the Russians have been responsible for more advances than the Kwanstain in the past thirty years.

Already tested and proven to work in the lab.

Keep doing that high intensity work. You might be able to keep that muscle a little longer than you were expecting.

Ruminations on the New Anthropology : Understanding Admixture

Somebody recently asked me to devote a post to elaborating on a few of the ideas I have previously put up here. We had gone into great detail in private email correspondence and this person pointed out I have never put these facts I have marshalled for my arguments up here on Vault-Co. I am supposed to be working on my game tonight but here we go, I will lay out some of the influences on my conclusions in this post. I do want to save some stuff to go into my book so I will try to be brief.

Terrible errors persist in laymen about various aspects of admixture of genes because populists tasked with explaining science in public venues are so heavily burdened by political correctness it is nearly impossible for them to speak plainly and clearly on the subject.

Here are some important concepts to understand concerning mitochondrial DNA, stem cell development from root genes and what can happen when you try to mix two really different species forcibly through gang rape:

Genes are not like paints. You don't add red and white to get pink. It is not a useful analogy to compare paints with genes. The Neanderthal genome is mixed with Cro-Magnon components about as well as oil mixes with water. They are often at war for development of the resulting person. They settle out and sort themselves apart naturally because they are often biologically incompatible.

Where two genes involved in stem cell formation compete for pole position, you will often find they can thwart proper development of either one of their blueprints. Some genes just don't mix very well. One or the other can occupy the root stem cell but they cannot share influence on development. This is why trying to mix the gene for a Neanderthal amygdala (larger but less complex, better reaction time to threats with no social filters) and a Cro-Magnon amygdala (smaller but more complex, modified to permit social filters to interfere with perception of danger allowing Cro-Magnons to be ordered into life threatening situations on pretexts more easily) can often result in a person having almost no amygdala present at all. When the Neanderthal ultra-conservative K-Selected amygdala vies for control with the Cro-Magnon R-Selected slave amygdala, the result is frequently … nothing. The human being that comes out of this genetic train wreck will be an ultra-leftist because they have almost no amygdala at all.

There are a large number of genes involved in the immune response, processing of insulin, fatty acids in brain tissue and in cardiovascular systems that are identified as having originated with Neanderthals but now are implicated in weakened immune systems, diabetes, autism and cardiovascular disease. How many people honestly believe that Neanderthals had feeble immune systems, were diabetics, mentally disabled and had poor lung capacity? Especially since these same genes (when they develop properly) are also now being associated with superhuman immune response, unbelievably efficient insulin management, much higher average IQ and high altitude oxygen carrying capacity in the bloodstream?

Certain Neanderthal genes are associated somehow with speech impediments. Modern scientists, being largely a bunch of morons, immediately assume this means Neanderthals could not talk as well as modern people. In fact, I reckon the Neanderthals were hyper-articulate with voices pitched slightly higher and with a strange warble. Again, when these genes (also proven now to affect the hyoid bone) compete with grunter Cro-Magnon (he is not much more adept verbally now than he was 20,000 years ago) they can sometimes result in damaged/atrophied throat muscular apparatus that can impair speech or coordination of the throat. Otherwise they result in two very different types of communication skills. The frequency of hyper articulate people with Aspergers Syndrome is well documented in psychology.

If we consider the paucity of female mitochondria from Neanderthals, we can figure out easily what happened to it because of the breeding arrangements artificially created by turning the Neanderthal woman into a camp whore and turning their sons into a caste slave race forbidden to mate with human females.

It is common when two different species of animals are cross-bred for whatever reason, that mitochondrial DNA (female) and Y-Chromosome DNA (male) can have vastly different targets on critical genes where one or the other wins out or neither wins out. Whichever outcome, female mitochrondrial DNA can suffer if the breeding genders are slanted in certain directions. For example, when male lions mount female tigers in season, the male offspring have a tendency to be big because the male lion's DNA is pushing for large size. The female lion (the natural mate) has another gene that works against this selection so lions do not end up as big as houses. The female tiger has no such regulatory gene matched against the male lion's bigness promoting gene. So you can get really huge tigers out of this copulatory matchup. If Cro-Magnons have a gene that selects for boys (warlike breed with constant demand for expendable males) and they rape female Neanderthals with no regulatory gene to control gender distribution, then a surprising number of these unions would produce male Neanderthal hybrids out of the pregnancies that did not result in the Neanderthal woman bleeding to death from the RH blood clotting conflict documented by anthropologists and seen to this day in the Basque women. Early on, I figure these mostly boy Neanderthals were chained to a post and forced to make weapons for Cro-Magnon tribes. These boy slaves would have few opportunities to mate with Cro-Magnon females, especially if it was a crime punishable by death for both the male and female involved … which surviving celtic writings hint may have been the case. "Any woman who looks upon one of them with desire will be put to death and the one she has looked upon also will die." Where the birth was a beautiful Neanderthal female, she too becomes a camp whore and bears children by many Cro-Magnon men, as the genes seem to indicate.

So each successive generation, the male mitochondria of the Cro-Magnon rapist is washing out the continued survival of the original female Neanderthal mitochondria. Meanwhile, the Neanderthal male slaves do not begin to intermix regularly with Cro-Magnon females until many thousands of years later when the caste system becomes less strict. Many anthropologists have pointed out that it is difficult to practice strict caste separation in city states that have larger populations. As agriculture boomed and the empires began to appear, Neanderthals (like the Greeks that came later as slaves of the Romans) would continue to be regarded as a subclass and natural servants but increasingly found opportunities to interbreed more widely. The truth is, in large societies which succeed based on their capacity to delegate work to people sufficiently talented to accomplish it, it becomes an exercise in futility to keep your boot firmly on the Neanderthal slave's neck. Like sharecroppers or indentured journeymen it is possible that Neanderthals were still instinctively despised (often to this day) but found opportunities to solve problems and begrudgingly be regarded as indispensable in many quarters. The truth is that when you're the ones who can think, somebody is bound to pause the lash on your back occasionally if for no  other reason than to allow you to get some work done for them.

Hope this helps explain some of my conclusions previously.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Organized Child Murder Ring Had Its Own Police Force

Everybody has fun at a melonhead party except the guest of honor.

Westminster sent battalions of armed police officers to confiscate evidence folders from whistleblowers.

In the interest of "national security."

Security from internal murder, rape and abduction of children by highest ranking members of that nation with full police assistance and protection. In addition to a rank of criminal subcontractors for tougher cases.

All those rumours over the years. Satanic child kidnapping, rape, abuse and sacrifice in the highest places. Stories about children torn apart by dogs inside mansions for sport while observers watched. All the most paranoid and farthest out conspiracy fringe stories. All of them now turning out to be true.

Lots of people thought Stanley Kubrick's last movie was his most important. He was trying to give people a glimpse of a world he had seen behind closed doors.

The Hypogeum at Malta has a pit in which 30,000+ human sacrifices, mostly women and children, were thrown into. None of the remains has the elongated skulls which are found in tombs on the island. The skulls are of non-melonheads. Clay masks found in the tombs by British soldiers during World War II were said to be so hideous that the Brits threw them into chasms underground, claiming they had nightmares about the masks. These masks were mentioned in earlier books about Malta. The British soldiers talked about hearing voices underground at night as well as singing. No, this isn't an H.P. Lovecraft story. It is Malta. The British military had hundreds of remains of melonheads pulled out and given to the Malta government. Some of the skulls remained on display in museums until the early 1990's when melonhead skulls began to rapidly vanish worldwide without much explanation.

Bill Cosby is tame stuff compared to what you don't hear.

Think about this stuff the next time somebody tells you that only the government can be trusted with guns. The British people believed it. I agree we need to keep guns out of the hands of psychotics. That's why government people should be forbidden to have them for any reason and the common man should be armed to the hilt.

Obama Seeks To Ban Elemental Atmospheric Earth Gas

Following a single rain, more ozone is produced by electrical activity in lightning than all the ozone ever produced by human industrial processes in recorded memory.

Ozone, in combination with naturally produced hydrogen peroxide, is the single most critical disinfectant on the planet. Without it, it is likely the surface would be overrun by bacteria and fungus in a few weeks if it were not for the UV emitted by the Sun.

People laugh at attempts by the Vatican to issue forgiveness for sins in exchange for cash during the Dark Ages, but that was positively sane compared to the government issuing juntas against ozone.

Aside from the fact that there are a billion pollutants spewed now that desperately need banning, like mercury and formaldehyde, you have to wonder what kind of insane person would suddenly decide to try to regulate ozone. Ozone is produced by so many different chemical reactions it is identical to trying to eliminate water vapour.

Zero Sum Mockup Humans

(Warning. The following paragraph may contain triggers for some people. I don't believe anybody could write something as Orwellian as the prior sentence without irony.)

I don't know why this author is describing this as a new phenomenon. I'm over a half century old and I have never seen anybody different in public. All you got is these lite-brand Thailand dollar store ripoff imitations. They are like a white unmarked cardboard box with simple black title reading HUMAN in capital letters. All Homo Sapiens look alike to me, no joke. The only time you will see somebody with a soul, you will also see the same build, same facial features, same gait, same hair, same peculiar speech patterns, same essential rhythms … doesn't matter if they are male or female. It's the same species, that's why. The rest are the "others." They were never much differentiated. Once in a while, you see one of the leaders of the "others." They have larger foreheads and elongated skulls to contain their elongated brains. There is only one species of human on the planet who evinces a soul. Scripture says all these people have souls but only one of them shows it in the face.

I don't need to know their politics. I have a television. I already know what they think.

The most obvious things in the world are also the most profound. It is the things you see every day of your life you take for granted. Unbelievable conclusions are right in front of your face in the most mundane of observations. It is the things you have always taken for granted where the deepest insights into the real world lie.

I need you to think about this question that follows …

How likely is it that an animal like this could have arisen from the natural, organic processes of adaptation to a cold environment? Cold climates require a wholly different type of human being than this in every single metric you could imagine. This kind of critter could only exist during the Holocene and not outside of it.

If you think hard about this question you will inevitably realize … this is a machined product mass produced from a genetic lathe. Not a naturally occurring organism. Somebody made this. It was never living a natural tribal life in extremely cold temperatures in a small group of loving, devoted warm blooded mammals who reached consensus easily because they were all extremely intelligent. It is the evil twin of this species, a kind of doppleganger. Almost looks to be a product of somebody's depraved sense of humor. It is like somebody said, wouldn't it be funny if we took a Neanderthal, stripped off all the good parts, gave it a fantastic spear chucking physique and then used it to exterminate the Neanderthals? It makes you think that the Neanderthals were so annoying to somebody that they were not content to merely genocide them, they insisted on doing it in a very ironic fashion.

(Link courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

China Goes Public With Supersonic Drone

Likely this can deliver multiple nuclear payloads on a complex flight schedule.

Forget about ICBMs. The only nation wasting their time with that disco-era technology is the backward 3rd world country of Kwanstainia.

These supersonic drones will navigate without satellite guidance over a whole list of targets on a landmass, leaving airbursts or ground bursts behind it as it rushes on to the next target.

The best defence for this kind of warfare would have been an underground shuttle system for military hardware like the Chinese have been digging non-stop for the past twenty years. That way the enemy cannot know exactly where his opponents assets are at any given hour. Fixed silos have gone the way of pet rocks and tie-dye tee shirts.

Civilians have only one way of surviving this kind of warfare and that is inside a proper hardened vault, a real civil defense shelter like we have been advocating here at Vault-Co the past decade. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so but the truth is … we saw this coming more than 12 years ago and have been blogging about it the entire time.

Now imagine these … except with cobalt-salted payloads or maybe spewing plutonium fuel in a wake behind it as it is burned in the engine. Oh snap, this is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about.

"Wait, Tex, I am sure our ABM system can hit some of these." Except Amerikwa's ABM system was shut down completely in the 1990's and was utterly incapable of hitting supersonic targets anyway. Nothing can hit these things unless you hoist up an aerial stream of nuclear airbursts in front of it. Otherwise, smile because these drones will be touring your city in the near future at some point and unless you have a vault, smiling one last time is all you will be able to do. Try to think of the positives the way Oprah Winfrey is always saying. No more traffic jams. No more social justice warriors crying about the plight of Lithuanian transgendered dwarves. Nothing but the sounds of crows and the howling wind. The Emperor of Ice Cream holding dominion over all.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beyond The Corruption of Late Rome

Naive writers in the 1900s suggested that Constitutional governments could never sink to the level of the late Roman Empire because of checks and balances.

The United States has covered 150 years of decline in Rome in just under 20 years. I guess we are better than our ancestors - at sealing our own doom.

Baby Buggery Island : At Least The Nazis Lost

I seriously doubt if Germany had successfully invaded England and taken over the country, they would have permitted pedophile parties stocked from orphanages on the weekends for 50 years.

No. I don't think so. They had Amon Goeth waiting on a death sentence for mistreating prisoners in his command and he was confined to a padded cell where the Soviets found him when the war was over and carried out the sentence. The Germans didn't go for that sort of thing, they had two putsches in their own ranks to clean the perverts out when Hitler was in power. Baby buggery was not on the list of their Aryan ideals.

Perhaps German rule would have been inhuman but I don't see how it could have been worse than this.

If you read the article carefully you will see the Kray brothers come up again, apparently serving the same sort of function as the thugs working covertly for the OPC corporation  in the first Robocop movie. This is why Jimmy Savile was correct in asserting he would never be charged. He was right about that.

Don't you wish sometimes there really were superheroes driven purely by virtue that could apprehend these people who believe they are outside the law? I know I do. Paul Verhoeven's earliest concept for Robocop was "Jesus Christ with a gun." That's the thing about the remakes. The gay directors who make these reboots don't understand the attraction of the previous films. All they see is somebody who does not need to practice impulse control. The real attraction of Robocop, Superman and the original Spiderman is that they are fundamentally good people who put the law above their own desire for revenge or retribution. That's why the remakes stink so badly.

Mentioning the Emperor's New Clothes

So simple even Naomi Wolf could see it

It would not carry any weight if the videos were not so badly faked. They have clear matte lines in them, are obviously staged against false backdrops and the whole thing looks incredibly staged.

What is really exposed here is not these fake atrocity videos. It is the incompetence of the government in creating them.

I don't know if you saw that pathetic film they tried to blame Benghazi on. It was rushed into production and was a joke it was so poorly put together.

The same could be said of the atrociously lousy photoshopped forgery of Obama's birth certificate.

It is not that some people notice how badly these things are faked. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature notices. Sandy Hook looked all wrong from the first couple of minutes when it was happening. You could tell it was all just ... off. Same for the Boston Bombing.

The shocking thing to contemplate is that this was the best the government could do. Obviously, when these guys failed to recruit me into Psy-Ops 30 years ago they really needed people like me. I had no idea they were that hard up. They lost the best and brightest and they must have then scraped the bottom of the barrel for these guys that replaced me. They are sad and deranged that they can do no better than this.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

On The Side of the Angels

It's easy to feel good about yourself when you are incapable of reasoning.

You choose the side that "sounds right" and can feel good for doing so.

Any choice a nation with an average IQ of 97 makes is going to be the wrong choice, every time, without exception.

So goes the West, on such a simple point of order. Stupid people are quite capable of destroying everything very, very quickly.

Most collapses of previous civilisations have combined a sudden environmental change with an abysmally stupid population. What could be a more radical and unexpected change than the coming Grand Minimum?

John Casey : Grand Minimum Is Coming!

 Food riots, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!

Vault-Co called it in 2003! I have it archived around here somewhere from the old site. In 2004 the secret Pentagon report got leaked and the majority of people in the West were so stupid they thought it had something to do with global warming. Behind the scenes the elites were getting ready for the exact opposite.

You could do worse than to live in Australia during this period. There will still be a growing cycle and enough sunlight and warmth to run large scale agriculture.

The problem is that during every one of these previous natural cycles, war has followed. War follows on famine and famine causes war.

Luckily modern people can't do basic math. A simple one degree average drop in temperatures would result in snowfalls similar to those they had in the early 1700's with 20+ feet of snow falling in two days. This would completely smother the northern hemisphere, shut down almost all traffic outside of specially modified rail carriages with snow plows on the front of them and starve most inhabitants of the 'Stain to death in a couple of weeks. A two degree drop in average temperatures could produce apocalyptic snowfalls overnight that would actually cave in the roofs of wood frame houses and bury entire cities in their sleep. This is like that thing that Robert Felix was talking about. All you'd need after that is a tidy magnetic reversal and you'd definitely be living in interesting times.

They gotta get that solar paint out on the market as cheap as a bucket of sealant! It could save countless lives over the next couple of decades and revolutionize private generation of energy!

Get your Flu Shot Early

Line up beside an open grave.

That's a lot of money saved on senior care for the elderly there. That center pockets the remainder, you can be sure of it.

Saving Money In The Kwanstainian Air Force

… by cutting out budgets for dogfights and bombers.

After all, they'd only lose. So ergo, money saved.

I wish I made this stuff up. I only link to it. Some of it is Monty Pythonesque.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brilliant Essay On The Doomed West

This is worth reading twice.

If you understand this article, you'll also understand why the cobalt-salted worldwide death shroud is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer rose-colored glasses answer to our dilemma. In this resolution, the West survives in some form.

Also discovered through the article is a link to an excellent explanation of why I instinctively despised the intensely political illuminati mind-hump trash called The Avengers. The movie was about serving SHIELD and its unelected shadow rulers.

(Link courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homo Sapiens Didn't Pass Through An Ice Age

No way.

They'd be better at nuance and reasoning correctly in such a way as to produce consistent outcomes for personal and group survival.

Warm weather critters are consummate entertainers. They'd be all about performance art, theatrical posing, the semblance of some virtues, braggadocio and superficial posturing.

The same qualities that would serve you well in warm weather in tribes of thousands of people would be a death sentence in cold weather in small tribes of less than 60 people. There's no fooling or posturing at 300 degrees below zero. For example, you'd have to be a good firestarter at that temperature. Seeming to be a good firestarter or mixing firestarting with a lot of dance, singing and ritual theatrics would get you killed very quickly. The goal is to start a fire. As quickly as possible with as little wasted energy as possible. Failure to start the fire in under 5 minutes means you will freeze to death. There's no way to trick somebody else into starting your fire for you with a muscular pose, a steely gaze and a lot of chatter about how you have more important things to do. You'll freeze to death. Start the fire, period. No Sapiens theatrics needed. Just brains, hand-eye coordination, hyperfocus and highly conservative motion.

In cold weather temperatures you'd take advice from people with real leadership qualities. Not confidence. The brightest people with the best snap reactions would be your elders, long proven to be good at surviving in many conditions. Chances are your elders would be quite modest and a little self-deprecating. People would consult with them because of their humble air, not in spite of it. You'd know that here was substance and wisdom, proven by experience. I am sure a Neanderthal elder would speak of himself as not much more informed than anyone else in the tribe. Of course, ridiculous. He would be consulted with wherever there was sound judgement needed on any subject. In Sapiens societies, elders get beaten up and cannibalised the instant it looks like they are losing their vicious edge, just like in wolf packs. There is no secure retirement for older people in Sapiens societies. Nobody thinks much of their wisdom because they have none themselves to reflect upon.

In Africa, you'll see a guy striding about with a top hat on and suspenders he has found in the garbage somewhere quickly rising to the senior position in a tribe. Look at that top hat. Look at those suspenders. That patrician air. What have you and what not. Everybody, let's follow that guy. That explains history.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kwanstainia : Land of Edjamafacashun

Bipedal biomass challenged to locate itself in time and space, fails Turing test miserably.

This is the educational debt they will be paying off well into their old age. This.

The problem with the future is … who are you going to get to staff it?

It is like a Zen Koan … if Amerikwa becomes a third world country and there is nobody left there smart enough to know the difference, does it matter?

I enrolled in Texas Tech but never showed up in the fall. I can see I didn't miss anything from watching this. Hey college, I want five years of wasted life back.

At night I would sit alone in the dormitories working on my computer. These types you see above spent the evenings out getting drunk, driving recklessly and coming in late screeching and banging on the walls. Sometimes my address changed and I was doing all of this somewhere else. The Sapiens did not change. All a bunch of actors play-acting at life. It is like an animal trying to simulate a human, unsuccessfully for the most part. If they outnumber you, remember they are the normal ones and you are some sort of defective. Oh, I almost forgotthey always outnumber you.

The kids grow up to be these adults. Then they vote. Guess what sort of people they vote for.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right In 1997

Nuclear War Was Inevitable Back In 1997 With A Simple Review of Geopolitical Realities

Back when this site was called TEXAS ARCANE's SURVIVAL REPORT and we sold gas masks, NBC equipment and survival gear inside of Australia.

Inevitable. Anybody who could listen and evaluate an argument would've known this was coming.

Not just any nuclear war, however.

All-out apocalyptic winner-takes-all cobalt-salted ultimate death cage match nuclear war. Robot stealth bomber fleets, atomic cluster bombs, orbital arrays of plutonium spraying cruise missiles and rods from god platforms. That's just for the limited nuclear exchange. After that, they break out the big stuff.

We also predicted (laughable at the time) that Russia would innovate and upgrade their military before Kwanstainia would. Even back in 1997 you could see the American focus remained on developing a military that could fight and win World War II against Germany and Japan. Otherwise their command structure was completely out of touch with the technology that was emerging then.

Dempsey The Dumpster Peeker Coot Is At It Again

He wants 80,000 troops on the ground in Iraq to command as he sees fit.

Encouraging the Obamination to ignore the Constitution and do it with an "executive order." (Whatever the hell those things are supposed to be, anyway.) Somebody needs to call the MPs on the phone and get over here in their jeep before this guy signs off duty. He's in our ranks trying to subvert the Constitution, a clear violation of his oath when he enlisted. A couple years in Leavenworth should straighten him out.

Still waiting to hear what war you won all that fruit salad on your uniform, soldier. It doesn't appear to be on your resume. You know it is a very serious offence to wear insignia or medals you are not entitled to.

I know I made this joke before, but just imagine you are brushing your teeth at 9:30 pm at night and you glance out the window and this old coot is standing on a dumpster right outside your window peeking in and masturbating. You know you would have to throw your underwear away. He's creepy as hell.

When sociopaths are on top, they pretend to be people of courage. When they are on the bottom they cringe like dogs and pretend to be the victims. They are honorless wretched opportunists who will never understand real patriotism, love for your nation, selflessness and loyalty to your own people. They are semi-mammals without mammalian feelings. As one Vault-Co reader pointed out, less brain could never be better than more brain. Sociopaths and psychopaths have big shadows in CT scans of their brains in various places that indicate they have voids there. I always find it hilarious when these melonheads blame "depression" for their evil deeds. Knucklehead, I'm a Neanderthal. I was practically born riding the black dog and it never made me any less of a man when the chips were down. We Neanderthals live with sadness the rest of you cannot even comprehend. These Melonheads think if they experience one setback they are entitled to embark on a serial killing spree as mood therapy. It is about what is inside you and depression invariably reveals it. If you are a bad man, you want to blame your monstrous deeds on the fact you were feeling a little down. You make me sick, chrome domes. A pity you were not born a proper person like a Neanderthal.

Insane Unannounced "Active Shooter Drills"

Here is an example of this terminal madness of the end-times lunacy.

Some people believe this may be exactly what happened at Sandy Hook.

The government held a drill in a closed-down school and the people around it called the cops. They showed up because they were not informed that this drill was taking place. They shot Adam Lanza without knowing he was a simpleton drafted to play the role of a shooter.

Everything after that was damage control. The government desperately struggled to turn it into another "school shooting" massacre they could use to promote gun control. The reason the actors involved appeared to be so haphazard is that they were called from existing crisis actor lists, briefed quickly and shoved in front of cameras. This explains why so many of them were grinning inappropriately before the feeds began. If they'd had more time to prepare they would not have done such lousy jobs.

The U.S. Government In The Post-American World

… is nothing but a tool that belongs to the highest bidder.

All those evil conspiracy nuts throughout human history insisting that wars are started for money and poor people fight them.

Most of the wars of the previous century were fought by lower class white Christians who lacked the capacity to buy deferrals or weasel their way out of the draft. Those same people you hear blamed for the ills of the world are in fact its chief victims, sacrifices and cannon fodder. They are treated as disposable refuse in a game that is never won in order to make the wealthy even wealthier.

Increasingly, wars are fought over strategic needs that have nothing to do with the security of the United States or its territory. This is why Kwanstainia should be properly regarded as a colony, not a nation-state anymore. The real masters of its military forces openly gloat that we are past the era when voting could do much good against them or their agendas.

Neocons, neocons, neocons - the best pretend conservatives that money can buy.

Soon their puppet military won't even have any force behind it - since their enemies are now producing and selling them their weapons infrastructure. When the time comes, they will simply shut the nation down and burn it, the way they do failing businesses with "arson lightning" to get rid of the evidence.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Russia Will Win. Everytime. Best 3 out of 5.

Kwanstainia's much touted Aegis system is just another part of the instant coral reef in World War III.

The Navy is good for troop transport but not much else. The idea of the naval vessel as a floating fortress is obsolete. These ships were the wrong idea since the 70's.

The thing now is nuclear cruise missiles, submarines, very high velocity long range bombers like the stealth except as a drone fleet and robots to do most of the fighting. Anybody going into WW3 with any other strategy will be like those Italians charging on horseback with feathered hats into machine gun nests in World War One. They are going to learn fast that this was a great tactic in the last war before it. Completely ridiculous in the next.

Kwanstainian Edjamafacashun : The Government's "Special Privileges"

This is what happens when the Constitution becomes a "living document."

Obviously, with any kind of accountability, the "educators" who created this curriculum would be fired for simple incompetency.

Kontrol For Kwanstainia

A network of informants numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Be careful not to talk in your sleep and malign the government, lest someone hear it and report you.

Jimmy Savile Is The Tip of the Iceberg

The rest of it is below the waterline where the media is permitted to look.

Nobody will cheer louder than I will when Russia and China do a coordinated series of airbursts over Britain. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Britain has lost its right to exist as a nation. British soil needs to be cleansed, scraped down to bedrock and reseeded so a better race of men can start all over again there. These things invalidate all of British history and tradition, they make a mockery of all governments going back a century at the least.

Told you, socialism is spiritual poison. It feeds the monsters and reduces nations to mouldy sewage.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Russia and China : Building Their Tower of Victory On Top of the Radioactive Ashes of the West

Win, win and win again. It helps when your leaders have IQs higher than room temperature.

They should be selling the U.S. shovels to help them dig their own graves.

Australia won't need one if they anger Vlad further.

Here's a safety tip. If you belong to a non-nuclear non-ICBM fleet nation that has disarmed its own citizens, it is probably a bad idea to irritate a country that could reduce you to dust in 30 minutes. Australia is in great shape to fight World War Two. Unfortunately this is World War Three coming up.

A Harvard Diploma Isn't Worth A Fistful of Used Toilet Paper

Harvard Graduates Can't Pass 5th Grade Literacy Test From 1964

I took that test and got every single question right.

One of the big reasons I dropped out of college is too much exposure to people who had graduated. I didn't want to end up like that.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"It's Fake" Says 9-11 Sandy Hook Dispatcher

A very badly plotted and disjointed exchange is completely ruined by an uninformed employee blurting out the truth.

If the Republicans don't start an investigation of the Sandy Hook hoax, they will be demonstrating their uselessness and the failure of the two-party system.

Huge funding for Soviet-style psychiatry program has ridden in on the back of the Sandy Hook Hoax

The Real Martin Luther King

Was nothing like the person you have been taught to believe.

Nothing at all.

If you want to know how bad we are talking about, understand that the FBI thought they had a good chance of blackmailing him into suicide by simply revealing the truth about him. The truth is so bad it has been made into a national security secret which ordinary people are not permitted to see or hear for the next 50 years.

Just another monster posing as a saint. Meanwhile life rolls on and good men with no biographers live and die without you ever hearing a word about them. Do you think in 20 years, we will have a national holiday dedicated to Alan Keyes and his speeches will become part of our historical record? Of course not. Keyes makes sense. Under Bolshevist government, all good men and their words are consigned to oblivion.

The FBI sent photos, tape recordings, hand written letters, receipts and confessions by King taped over his phone lines to every newspaper in the United States and not a single one of them published the story. Was it the FBI that failed to warn people about this monster?

In every single place he marched, King preferred underage girls and boys in his hotel room. He beat some of them so badly they were disfigured for life. He beat many of them, raped them, then beat them some more before his staff took them to the emergency room. All of these incidents were caught on tape by the FBI and the satanic obscenities that King screamed while doing these things were so shocking they could only have come from the mouth of a psychotic.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Historians Will Write About The Years Prior To The Third World War

They will write about this ... and many other things.

These things form a picture. It's a picture of the future and and if you look you can see it coming. Some people will claim hindsight on that day but here on Vault-Co we provide the foresight.

Because Nothing Is Funnier Than Demons And Suicide

I blame the parents for not peeling off the metal foil to discover the hidden subliminal picture of the devil girl slitting her wrists that lights up in the dark.

The special happy joy stick for wonderful music, fairies, magic and arterial blood loss as a ritual sacrifice for Satan.

The burden remains on consumers to avoid the worldwide domination of the forces of darkness and the kingdom of Lucifer. It is all about choices. I choose to weld the hatch shut from the inside and wait for reinforcements.

Kwanstainia Is Finished

Forbes says out loud what people like me knew 20 years ago.

The Kwa got improvamented.

50% of the children in the United States are not natives and can neither read, write or speak well enough to get middle class jobs even if they had any left. Time to get back to reality. Think exit strategy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rumsfeld & Monsanto

The additive that has all the taste with zero calories, cooked up in the fires of hell.

Because everybody loves Monsanto. 

Dec. 24th Worldwide Prohibition on Firearms?

It's funny because I remember Bill Cooper said this is the exact date they would introduce it, before he was gunned down in his own driveway.

William Cooper said it would be introduced as a surprise on the day before Christmas when people would be home with their families for the holidays and it would not register on them until well into the New Year.

Cooper said at first the law would be passed as an international treaty without enforcement and after that each measure of the bill would be gradually enforced, starting with the ban on ammunition.

It looks like once again, William Cooper was spot on.

Bill Cooper said propaganda about UFOs, reptilians and other dimensions was ridiculous crap that was itself funded by the elites because they believed it helped to induce apathy, depression and surrender. Bill Cooper suggested that David Icke had been recruited to spread this claptrap as part of the general psy-ops program run on the peasants to make them think all resistance was futile. After all, who can fight with 9 foot tall shapeshifting reptilians from another dimension? If you knew your enemy was really just fat bloated rich people with big heads who enjoyed pedophilia, they would hardly be very awe inspiring and resistance begins to seem like something that could be successful. Bill believed that the elites came from a long line of ruling classes who were innate experts at illusion, misdirection and deception. I bet if Bill was still alive he'd regard my story of the origins of the melonheads to be very plausible.

Just in poor countries? Or in every country?

Bill Cooper refuted every single word he'd ever said about UFOs in the early 1990's, convinced he had been pranked by the Air Force for the express purpose of getting him to write about documents they had "accidentally" let fall on Cooper's desk shortly before he was discharged. That's not the first time that has happened. One classic psy-ops ploy is to release your sensitive information early on, then totally discredit the guy who releases it as a a madman or lunatic so nobody pays attention. Another is to pretend you have accidentally released super secret information which in fact is so absurd that anyone who reads it will discredit whoever referred them to it.

Bill was killed sitting in his driveway shot from behind in the head, simply preparing to start his car. A disabled and handicapped man who could only walk with difficulty, he was hardly in any shape for the wildly varying stories given to the press about his assassination one month after 9-11. There was no investigation despite neighbors describing it as an ambush that Bill never got the chance to even surrender to.

Look, here's another point at which apparently that "nut" William Cooper turned out to be right about. Just like Bill said, the "good cop" of global governance will ride to our rescue to protect us from the "bad cop" of local governments - all we have to do is accept their new world currency.

Bandits On The King's Roads

Somebody call the police! There are highway robbers stopping carriages in the forest and seizing the contents!

We should pass a law to prevent this from happening!

Oh wait, the Magna Carta, English Common Law Rights, The U.S. Constitution forbidding any confiscation without due process. So the lack of law is not the problem.


 I apologize for triggering any traffic to communist apologist John Oliver. Obviously you can tell his point is to rationalize all of this, make it seem like an amusing anecdote. If anything he is part of the massage media to turn stories like this from justifications for armed revolution into causes that should be addressed at council meetings like a minor infraction.

They recently passed similar laws here in Victoria. I love how all these countries are supposed to have separate governments and apparently all the locals do is get faxes from the U.N. or the U.S. listing the legislation they should pass point-by-point and they comply to the letter without the voters ever even being involved in any way. That's the "demockrassy" they are always crowing about.

Monday, November 10, 2014

When You Are A Scienmagist, Every Day Is Payday

Higgs Boson Hasn't Been Discovered and NEVER WILL BE Because All of Orthodox Quantum Physics and Particles Physics Is Useless Rubbish That Has Not Yielded A Single Scientific Advance In Fifty Years

... and yet right now, somebody promoting said rubbish at the expense of real scientists drives a Lexus, lives in a three milllion dollar home with it's own golf course and is sitting poolside and snorting cocaine on the taxpayer's dime despite it being nearly impossible to describe what they do for a living exactly. Welcome to the world of Luftmenschen where science is just another long con that swindlers use to retire early.

The Southern Denmark researchers suggest that the particle discovered by the LHC may not have been the Higgs boson, but rather a "techni-higgs" particle that's composed of "techni-quarks." Such a particle might behave similarly to the Higgs particle but in fact is very different from the genuine Higgs boson.
If the researchers are right, their report would discredit the claims of discovery of the Higgs boson, which has been sought because its existence would fill vital holes in the Standard Model of physics.
The researchers claim that although their findings may disprove the Higgs boson discovery, they also pave the way for the discovery of another force – one not yet uncovered – that would be responsible for binding the techni-quarks into particles, including those that form dark matter.

The entire frequency of particles passes right through the theoretical spectrum posited for the Higgs. Of course they found something at CERN, they had to come up with something before they shut down for lack of funds after they blew a few trillion on their advanced skateboard park. The problem is that they didn't find the Higgs and the particle they found there has no particularly unique or special qualities matching those designated as markers for the Higgs Boson.

If there is no Higgs Boson then scammers have pried billions out of taxpayers over the past half-century and delivered ZIP, ZERO, NADA in return. 

(Thanks to Vault-Co Reader For The Link Above)

Terminator Versus Neanderthal

This 'bot is a perfect match for me in the ring. 6'2 and 330 lbs, we'd be a fair fight.

I doubt if his hydraulics exceed mine yet and he doesn't look fast enough but every iteration is improving.

I'd need to pop a couple aspirin to hide the pain in my foot but I'd fight him if they gave me gloves and boots. I reckon the old Terminator model ('Thals) would be victorious this time but in a couple of years I will be as outmatched as Arnie was against the T-1000. These things are getting more dangerous by the hour.

In later iterations of this technology, I guarantee you these robots will move faster than a human being can even react. If that doesn't make you afraid of the 'bot then what about the guy who gives these 'bots orders? What human being could ever be or ever has been qualified to have such power at their fingertips? Is there any human being who has ever been born who could be trusted to have their own army of these at their beck and call?

I believe this is what is planned by the same crowd working on global governance. They foresee a world in which resistance of any kind is utterly futile. Google has obviously broken their charter commandment "Don't be evil," a long long time ago.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Is Australia Still "The Lucky Country?"

The iconic book is more relevant now than when it was written.

I lived in Australia for 18 years before I read this book. Every single conclusion the author had reached I had reached independently with no outside help or hints from any other literature. I found I was so synchronized with his evaluation I could not draw any distinctions between his writing and my own.

I cannot describe the cruel, horrible tragedy of living in a country which has led the entire world in innovation and has never profited from any of it. Software development, The C language, most of the paradigms that govern the modern era were created here. Countless engineering and physical marvels and breakthroughs. Untold excellence in every field from astrophysics to neuroscience. Not a single one of these breakthroughs has created any industry or business or success here - rather they are immediately purchased and taken offshore to create industry elsewhere.

Australia is not a land where merit is rewarded. Quite the opposite. I can't begin to tell you how many people I have met here who are clearly ten times better than me at software development and not a single one of them has ever been anything but a pariah or shunned outcast inside of their own company. Exceptional people are treated like lepers or carnival freaks in Australia. Hardly a surprise the emigration rate is astronomical.

New Adventures On Baby Buggery Island

Like Lot, I do not pray for Britain to sink beneath the waves for the sake of the children and women still there. The men should be drowned like rats for failing their entire civilization. I'd love to see the British male swept out to sea with nothing but a beer in his hand.

What a devil's playground. Truly Satan's Isles. If this guy was in charge of MI6 can you imagine what he would have permitted to go on and blocked investigations of for his fellow travelers?

Just finished reading a book about Kim Philby. If I had not already heard it from other sources I could not have believed what he is accused of could have possibly transpired. Kim Philby was a good friend of Winston Churchill, don't let anybody mislead you on that point. A very good friend. If the public ever got wind of what was buried about Churchill they would have prayed for German victory over Britain in World War II and helped the bombers find their targets at night by illuminating strategic points. Seriously.

... because death, mass murder, grief and horror are always good for a laugh

They'll be in the rearguard action supervising and sipping champagne.

An oldie but goodie.

I like it because it is a glimpse of who the elites really are.

Will WW3 Conceal U.S. Bankruptcy?

The United States claims to have a treasury with gold in it. There is nobody left who believes it.

China has gold. Russia has gold.

America has fake tungsten bars painted gold.

Fun With Chagas, The Zombifier

Enrichmentated Out The Wazoo

The great thing about Chagas is that most carriers don't find out they have it until it has progressed to the stage where medical treatment is useless, after which they have spread it to who knows how many other people around them. What better time for Obama to have permitted most of South America to enter the country without medical examinations? Straight into fast food service and watch to see if they wash their hands coming out of the bathroom. Pile in the car, everybody, we're going to Taco Bell! I am sure we will be safe if we use the drive-through.

There is a cure for Chagas collectively. It kills off the entire civilization until there is nobody dumb enough left to promote unrestricted immigration. It is a Darwinian mercy that the people who die from it will have lost the capacity to understand how or why they got it at that stage.

Now you understand why our fuddy-duddy ancestors were such Nazis about borders and medical quarantines and customs. They were so non-progressive. They had to settle instead for surviving long enough to give birth to us.

The European Union : A Smoking Crater Of Fail

The world is a museum of marxist failures and Europe will be no different.

All regimes that are too successful (like ones with even modest amounts of freedom) sow the seeds of their own destruction. (Success leads to in influx of predators and opportunists.)

Everything that conquers in such a way as to promote hubris guarantees it will plunge screaming into flames and make a complete ass out of itself.

Only a few short years ago, the feeble and decadent regimes of the West, themselves laboring under a huge burden of socialist parasites, were gloating over the implosion of Russia. It was assumed they thereby acquired the divine right of winnarz to dictate to Russia how they would restore themselves and be as (not) successful as they overestimated believed misunderstood themselves to be at that point.

Instead of gloating like the rabbit who has a lap on the tortoise, they should have been clamoring for reform in their own economies to avoid ending up like the Soviet Union themselves.

Being natural born losers, they did no such thing. They instead plunged headlong and overconfident into their bizarre hybridized nightmarish Statism and "Third Way" strategies that had failure baked into their premises from the outset, built all upon a tower of fiat money paper.

The outcome was not really a shock.

The Romans gloated in their victory over Carthage but the worst fall of them all was awaiting Rome itself.

It is likely that the only nation that has emerged from its problems healthier due to general reforms is Russia. The rest of the planet is a basket case.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dogs of Anarchy Unleashed

John Glanton speaks of a very weak point in conservatives.

The definition of criminal is somebody who breaks the law knowingly.

It is a mistake to think that the problem is that the Constitution is ignored.

Recognize that if the founding document of your civilisation is being ignored, you don't have an "education" problem. You've got a criminal problem. You have had a coup. Not a misunderstanding. The people ignoring the Constitution are well aware it is the law of the land. The problem is that they don't obey it or any other laws. They are criminals who have overthrown the rule of law. Things will not get better until the criminals are put in leg irons and sit in prison awaiting their turn before a firing squad.

It is a straw man to screech that we need to pound on the Constitution harder and yell out how important it is. That time is long past. You should suspect anybody advocating more education in the Constitution to resolve the crisis is fake opposition. The new majority in Congress is already suggesting this panacea will solve the dilemma. It isn't going to fix anything. If the new majority is not just another puppet caucus they will start putting people into prison for crimes against the United States and the law.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

FORTRESS : Incredible 3 Minute Post-Apoc Film

You should watch this, it is awesome.

This film depicts the final nightmare of a military based on drones.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shelter-In-Place 1960's Style

Many inhabitants of Florida in the 60's tried to combine their shelters with their living space.

The initial expense is always going to be greater than a conventional home. Switzerland solved this problem with economies of scale. There was an American who intended to do the same but they sabotaged his plane and blamed Russia. His name was Lawrence McDonald and he was the last real conservative standing between America and the march to world government. When he died, America's last chance at a real civil defense program died with the legislation that McDonald had waiting in Congress when they blew up his plane. McDonald thought his cousin General Patton had been killed the day before he was due to return home from World War II because Patton would have almost certainly been President. McDonald was rumored to be an easy election to the White House himself. How convenient all these mysterious deaths of possible opponents, starting with John F. Kennedy and all his relatives one at a time. Nobody was safe with the wrong political ideas no matter how harmless - even Sonny Bono got beaten to death in the woods in what was claimed to be a "ski accident" in a secluded grove. A "ski accident" that left his face missing. Ted Gunderson is a lucky fellow who appeared to be one of the rare exceptions to die of cancer first. Ted was a reliable insider who said the things going on in the United States were a million times worse than what anyone would believe.

If You Think Kwanstainia Is In Bad Shape, You Should See Europe

Decades of socialism damp rot have reduced Europe to an empty, lifeless, godless shell

Socialism is acquired immune deficiency of the soul. Given sufficient time it corrupts and degrades every single thing it touches. It ruins men inside and outside. It is the gift that keeps on giving even after you want it to stop. Like mold it invariably consumes and infects everything before it releases spores that spread to other surrounding countries and cultures. There is no nation so healthy that a little dose of socialism cannot start them on their way to collapse and chaos.

Once people start waiting on the government to do for them what they should be taking the initiative to do for themselves, their whole lives turn into one long agonizing wait for a miracle that never comes.

No Problems Here A Straitjacket And Thorazine Can't Solve

Bill Ayers Told Barack to Continue The Revolution With or Without The Consent of 300 Million People

At some point, you have to introduce serious talk of mental illness. Serious. It could be expected of a person with such a crazy, tormented upbringing.

Even the nuttiest tyrant at some point will realize he has been shown the door. The only person who would persist at this point is a guy with a screw loose upstairs. I'm a person with conviction but if I saw a referendum passed on my administration like this, I'd think ... time for me to start packing my bags. Right or wrong, people just don't want what I am selling. Period.

The real failure here is not with this guy. It is with Congress for failing to impeach. They are the ones who are just not doing their jobs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Last Word In Canned Air For Shelters

I can't wait until they sell bags of this stuff down at Bunnings.

If it is 50% as good as claimed it would be a fantastic replacement for oxygen candles. I bought several for my last shelter and abandoned them. Imagine a crystal the size of a baseball you keep in a can for emergencies like a firestorm topside where you have to close up your air intakes. Oxygen "mothballs."

Post-Nuclear Nightmare : The Gamma Rain-Out

A little known danger after surviving an airburst or ground detonation is the horrific and untimely rain-out

So you have survived the initial attack. You can see mushroom clouds on the horizon at your nearest city. You're monitoring skyshine at a mere 20 rads an hour and your shelter is rated for much more than that. As the hours go by, you're wondering what all the fuss was about. These nuclear wars are a cakewalk and you are worried you spent too much money excavating your shelter so deep. You are confident after a three week stay you should be good to start venturing out for brief periods to begin reconstruction or resupply efforts. Nothing to this nuclear war business.

Did you know if it begins to rain within the three day window of the most intense fallout, that radiation levels can rapidly climb to ten times the normal dosage rate? For many people, this would be the difference between life and death. Many ordinary PF 40 shelters would experience very intense surges of radiation during the rain-out that would leave shelter inhabitants dead or so sick with rad poisoning they would be incapacitated. The majority of people sheltering in their basements and expedient shelters could be killed by a rain-out occurring at the wrong moment.

It is funny that Sam Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, predicted that rain-outs would kill more people in underground shelters than his weapon ever would. This shows you how dangerous such events were regarded by nuclear testing engineers and civil defense planners. Because of this and other unexpected effects of nuclear weapons, it is difficult to overengineer or overshield most shelters. Better to err on the side of caution in every case. If PF 40 is the minimal standard established fifty years ago for civilian structures, better for you to plan on a minimum of PF 200 for a modern shelter. What do you call PF 1000+? A good start.

Kwanstainia Demands An End To Mammalian Lifestyles

Get that moneymaker shaking out there, says master pimp

Government is a business. They make money through tax revenues. If it comes down to double the tax revenues or healthy humans, which one do you think it more important to them?

This ugly prejudice against mothers is basically a man trying to get his ass whipped. We've all got mothers and I don't like mine being insulted as "just a mother." That is a pretty big job in society, the most important one of all. Obama might be ashamed of his mother, who was essentially a gangbang whore for a communist clubhouse but ... that's his problem. His mother was an embarrassment. Mine was a saint and a credit to women everywhere.

When Amway Made Fallout Shelters

Pretty cool look at a shelter connected through the basement

Funniest part was the two Kwanstainian women talking like surfer girls about the experience. "I was like ... soooooo .... claustrophobic! I am so glad that Obama has like ... totally destroyed all the nukes! Now we're like ... safe! Let's all be thankful we are edjamafacated now and like ... not totally fearful any more about anything!"

P.S. If you really want to clear your head of all this drivel, I highly recommend the link on the left to you called "Lifeboats and Civil Defense" which details the slow descent into total insanity every generation takes in between wars, during which they go partially sane again for a little while. The single greatest contribution any individual citizen can make to world peace is to take care of his family's own survival, which makes enemy aggression more costly and less effective no matter what era you live in. My ancestors helped dig many of the trenches and tunnels on the northern side of the Civil War that made the southern "wunderwaffen" miracle weapons ineffective. For the price of a shovel, they turned a super cannon firing 300 pound shot into a very expensive and useless novelty for the South.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Facebook Just Another Propaganda Rag

The thing about Pravda is that Soviets knew it was propaganda and lies from the government.

Facebook is the best internet sensation that NSA money can buy. Trying to reel those sheeple back into the controlled media networks. Zuckerberg must take all his marching orders from his handlers, all of this seems to go on without the slightest notification of stockholders. Think carefully before investing in Facebook.

Preverted Proverts & The Perverts Who Love Them

Lena Dunham confesses she is a mentally ill child molester who preyed on her own baby sister.

Got to be honest with you, did not really come as a big shock here. I saw one episode of Girls one night when I was channel surfing. Disgusting, vile stuff no matter what gender you are. Looked like the kind of cable shows they aired in Sodom and Gomorrah the night before Lot came to do one last inspection for even ten humans worth saving. This is "talent" in the modern era.

UPDATE : Sexual Predator Threatens To Sue For Quoting Her Own Words

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Check Out the New Dinosaur Disclaimers On Wikipedia

Admitting they got it all wrong originally without admitting anything …

Once again, the "nuts" had it right for over a century.

There were no dinosaurs. There were and and are many different species of birds. They didn't go extinct. They simply changed into apparel more appropriate for the climate and environment.

Inaccurate paleoart.jpgNote: This historical image is not a factually accurate dinosaur restoration.
Reason: Too many fingers, no dewclaw, crocodilian osteoderms.
You may ask further questions about the accuracy of this image at the image review page of WikiProject Dinosaurs on the English Wikipedia. Note that this image may be appropriate to illustrate obsolete paleontological views.

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
- Genesis 1:21

For a couple hundred years, wiseacres have been asking why there is no mention of dinosaurs in Genesis. That's easy. There is no such thing as "dinosaurs." Outside of Hollywood movies they never existed anywhere.

If you wanted to see what "dinosaurs" actually looked like, you'd do better to consult this image :

To understand the scope of this fraud, consider they were discussing scales on dinosaurs for hundreds of years as a given before they realised dinosaurs didn't have any. They had feathers.

It is likely that it is the modern era that has the closest relatives still existant to coincide with the popular myth of the "dinosaur" in the crocodile and the komodo dragon. Ancient Ornithischia had very little in common with these modern saurian breeds.

If you dwell on this long, you will inevitably realize that the planet has always been a fantastically beautiful and wonderful place from its earliest beginnings. The earth was not more "primitive" a hundred million years ago. It was even more colourful, gaudy and awe-inspiring. The whole pseudo-religious neo-darwinist notion of the earth going from a "primitive" to "less primitive" state is a quasi-pagan fantasy fabricated by mindless followers of Charles Darwin.

I was just looking at some products of this mystery faith in depictions of earlier races of men. Instead of depicting them as taller, better looking, nobler, more muscular and wiser, they are always short-hideously-mishapen-ugly-wrinkled. That is just not what the evidence says at all.