Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If You Think Kwanstainia Is In Bad Shape, You Should See Europe

Decades of socialism damp rot have reduced Europe to an empty, lifeless, godless shell

Socialism is acquired immune deficiency of the soul. Given sufficient time it corrupts and degrades every single thing it touches. It ruins men inside and outside. It is the gift that keeps on giving even after you want it to stop. Like mold it invariably consumes and infects everything before it releases spores that spread to other surrounding countries and cultures. There is no nation so healthy that a little dose of socialism cannot start them on their way to collapse and chaos.

Once people start waiting on the government to do for them what they should be taking the initiative to do for themselves, their whole lives turn into one long agonizing wait for a miracle that never comes.


Lazer said...

I think having a little bit of socialistic tendencies is okay at the individual level. Ill share and exchange goods and services that I have a surplus of with those who I consider part of my neanderthal tribe. Sometimes for free, other times for a drastic price cut. Ensuring, of course, that constitutional or ethical boundaries are not violated. That is what "We the people..." is all about.

Socialistic reciprocity is a necessary behavior in the real world. At least at the individual level between soverigns.

Only problem is social parasites take advantage of this and ride on the coattails of others. It then ballons into what we have today when the sheeple are manipulated into voting them into office. And then all hell breaks loose...

Herman said...

First step execute or export all hajjis and foreigners

NjordDanuson said...

The Rosch are the real Vanir and soon they will be marching south and west .The kwa and eu will just keep goying it up right till the end of the line... Its a real world example of r/k selection played out before our eyes.

Grognard said...

Europe is dead. Never to return.

Texas Arcane said...


That's not socialism. That's collective cooperation which is common to all higher lifeforms. You are spending your resources and your money on things that you best judge them allocated to. Sane things like kin, shared interest and extended family unit.

Socialism is a stranger taking your money at gunpoint each payday so you can fund a heroin addict to have more kids than you ever could and raising them on your dime while he ODs. It's insane.

Nobody knows less about how to spend your money than the government. If you just flipped a coin your decision making would still be a thousand times better than what the government would do with it after taking it by force. Like spending a couple billion on a program to sew lips onto chickens.