Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homo Sapiens Didn't Pass Through An Ice Age

No way.

They'd be better at nuance and reasoning correctly in such a way as to produce consistent outcomes for personal and group survival.

Warm weather critters are consummate entertainers. They'd be all about performance art, theatrical posing, the semblance of some virtues, braggadocio and superficial posturing.

The same qualities that would serve you well in warm weather in tribes of thousands of people would be a death sentence in cold weather in small tribes of less than 60 people. There's no fooling or posturing at 300 degrees below zero. For example, you'd have to be a good firestarter at that temperature. Seeming to be a good firestarter or mixing firestarting with a lot of dance, singing and ritual theatrics would get you killed very quickly. The goal is to start a fire. As quickly as possible with as little wasted energy as possible. Failure to start the fire in under 5 minutes means you will freeze to death. There's no way to trick somebody else into starting your fire for you with a muscular pose, a steely gaze and a lot of chatter about how you have more important things to do. You'll freeze to death. Start the fire, period. No Sapiens theatrics needed. Just brains, hand-eye coordination, hyperfocus and highly conservative motion.

In cold weather temperatures you'd take advice from people with real leadership qualities. Not confidence. The brightest people with the best snap reactions would be your elders, long proven to be good at surviving in many conditions. Chances are your elders would be quite modest and a little self-deprecating. People would consult with them because of their humble air, not in spite of it. You'd know that here was substance and wisdom, proven by experience. I am sure a Neanderthal elder would speak of himself as not much more informed than anyone else in the tribe. Of course, ridiculous. He would be consulted with wherever there was sound judgement needed on any subject. In Sapiens societies, elders get beaten up and cannibalised the instant it looks like they are losing their vicious edge, just like in wolf packs. There is no secure retirement for older people in Sapiens societies. Nobody thinks much of their wisdom because they have none themselves to reflect upon.

In Africa, you'll see a guy striding about with a top hat on and suspenders he has found in the garbage somewhere quickly rising to the senior position in a tribe. Look at that top hat. Look at those suspenders. That patrician air. What have you and what not. Everybody, let's follow that guy. That explains history.


August said...

Leadership is a total trainwreck here in the U.S. They allege that they can train people in it, so you end up with a lot of people trying to act confident and charismatic. They all become like politicians.

Gregg said...


i think this article speaks to the entire edifice of contemporary western 'civilization'... one big head fake.

Gregg said...

and did you know that the current white house press secretary's name is "josh earnest"? you can't make this shit up.

Melkayar said...

Hey Texas, what's up?

Do you know something about this particular virus?

It seems to affect the amygdala areas and it does depreciate the cognitive functions of human beings.

Herman said...

I was in the BSA. We used to go nomadic camping with one match for 1 week, we made it work. Of course we didn't have Nancy boys or pedophiles in our troop.

Rowan said...

Something for Tex.

Chris from Sydney said...

I just finished doing a semester long TAFE course (sort of like 'community college' for overseas readers)
First day, I realized nobody knew anything about me so I decided to simulate complete melonhead levels of self confidence.
I quickly became class spokesman and all the girls were happy to have me sit with them at lunch.

I don't know how I feel about this deep down, 'people' are so easily manipulated by the outward appearance with no regard for substance.
Having been raised to regard substance over 'style' I never was popular but a simple shift in acting made me a certified hit.

The lesson here for unmarried (male) readers of vault-co is, You are a natural leader, you are smarter than everybody else in the room and you have the right to lead because you will innately act in the best interests of everyone else in your 'tribe'.

Is the above a healthy attitude when dealing with others in an entire tribe of 'Thals ?
No, it would see you taking the long walk very quickly, but given the fact in society you are not dealing with other 'Thals it might be viewed as a survival strategy.

P.S In the course I just did, I found an instinctive support from the other heavily Thal male (who didn't know he was Thal) and I noticed I was extremely protective of the young Thal female, even more than I was protective of the rest.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Lazer said...

"Failure to start the fire in under 5 minutes means you will freeze to death."

This is the perfect litmus test for friendship, and using a lighter does not count.

styrac1 said...