Monday, November 17, 2014

The U.S. Government In The Post-American World

… is nothing but a tool that belongs to the highest bidder.

All those evil conspiracy nuts throughout human history insisting that wars are started for money and poor people fight them.

Most of the wars of the previous century were fought by lower class white Christians who lacked the capacity to buy deferrals or weasel their way out of the draft. Those same people you hear blamed for the ills of the world are in fact its chief victims, sacrifices and cannon fodder. They are treated as disposable refuse in a game that is never won in order to make the wealthy even wealthier.

Increasingly, wars are fought over strategic needs that have nothing to do with the security of the United States or its territory. This is why Kwanstainia should be properly regarded as a colony, not a nation-state anymore. The real masters of its military forces openly gloat that we are past the era when voting could do much good against them or their agendas.

Neocons, neocons, neocons - the best pretend conservatives that money can buy.

Soon their puppet military won't even have any force behind it - since their enemies are now producing and selling them their weapons infrastructure. When the time comes, they will simply shut the nation down and burn it, the way they do failing businesses with "arson lightning" to get rid of the evidence.

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NjordDanuson said...

Kwanistan has based all its defence tech on stephen hawkings fairy tales.Russia has based all theres on tesla and the electric universe all it took was investing less then a billion dollars in real science to render 100s of trillions of stephen hawkings tech to utterly worthless junk...