Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fun With Chagas, The Zombifier

Enrichmentated Out The Wazoo

The great thing about Chagas is that most carriers don't find out they have it until it has progressed to the stage where medical treatment is useless, after which they have spread it to who knows how many other people around them. What better time for Obama to have permitted most of South America to enter the country without medical examinations? Straight into fast food service and watch to see if they wash their hands coming out of the bathroom. Pile in the car, everybody, we're going to Taco Bell! I am sure we will be safe if we use the drive-through.

There is a cure for Chagas collectively. It kills off the entire civilization until there is nobody dumb enough left to promote unrestricted immigration. It is a Darwinian mercy that the people who die from it will have lost the capacity to understand how or why they got it at that stage.

Now you understand why our fuddy-duddy ancestors were such Nazis about borders and medical quarantines and customs. They were so non-progressive. They had to settle instead for surviving long enough to give birth to us.

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