Thursday, November 6, 2014

FORTRESS : Incredible 3 Minute Post-Apoc Film

You should watch this, it is awesome.

This film depicts the final nightmare of a military based on drones.


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Jake said...

I am still not convinced 100% that AI is the great threat it is made out to be, but it might be. That enough tells me that humans should renounce it. But they won't. So we will risk annihilation because we will be too afraid that the other "side" will develop it first, so we must.
Isn't that insane? Human thinking, not 'thal thinking. Humans are so self-destructive and sociopathic. NO ability to show mercy to the enemy or even to oneself. They torture themselves as much as they torture their perceived enemies.
But hopefully, the AI energy sources will be vulnerable to being shut down.