Friday, November 28, 2014

Earth's Magnetic Field Prepared For Reversal/Excursion

Read Robert Felix's counterpoints to the article in Scientific American

You will see how deceitful modern scientists are when they tell the public there has not been a magnetic reversal in 780,000 years. That is a blatant falsehood. The poles have reversed and stayed that way for over a thousand years and then flipped back. "Oh," they concede, "You know about that. Except we call that an excursion, not a reversal." You then discover that during this "excursion," the Earth went through what looked like a planetwide nuclear war. Electrical storms so big they covered continents appear to have caused tectonic plate movements while the surface was bombarded with thousands of rads an hour. Oh, right ... that "excursion!" Don't you think you could have dropped a mention of the fact there have been over a dozen of those or more?

Robert Felix is the only one of these guys who does not appear to speak with forked tongue. He is also the guy who seems to be confirmed by the facts. The more evidence you have the more prescient that Felix appears to be.


cbenediccengi said...

Not pertinent to this article, couldn't find a health related one.

check this out...I wonder what activities this is going to increase..hmmm.

Sam said...

I wonder what the mechanism is for this. I made some speculations about this earlier here,

Let's say the Sun's magnetic field changes causing this but that can't be right because he Sun's field reverses frequently.

Another strange effect, to me, is Ed Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder. Simple enough. A U shaped metal bar has a coil around it. A metal bar(keeper) is placed across the top of the U and a pulse of DC electricity goes through the coil. Link below.

The thing is the magnetic field stays inside the bar and keeper. There is no external or so I've been told. The bar is held onto the U part even after the electrical pulse is ended. If it's magnetized why isn't there any field around the U bolt and keeper? When you remove the keeper the electric pulse put in comes out of the coil. One guy suspended one of these from the keeper for 2 years and it still held and released it's energy. Here's some videos.

Ed Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder PMH

Leedskalnin Effect Demo

People say this is not mysterious. The magnetic field holds the keeper on. I'm not so sure that there's not something deeper. Could this be the field that releases causes the magnetic field of Earth to wander? This is a fairly large effect so people should be able to understand where it comes from.

The effect holding the Earth's magnetic field in place could also be electrostatic. The Sun's electrostatic field causing fields in the Earth that keep the magnetic field in order and tangent to the Sun's electrostatic field. If the Sun's field weaken then the stress in the Earth that was held back by the Sun's field would release. Havoc ensues.