Friday, November 7, 2014

Dogs of Anarchy Unleashed

John Glanton speaks of a very weak point in conservatives.

The definition of criminal is somebody who breaks the law knowingly.

It is a mistake to think that the problem is that the Constitution is ignored.

Recognize that if the founding document of your civilisation is being ignored, you don't have an "education" problem. You've got a criminal problem. You have had a coup. Not a misunderstanding. The people ignoring the Constitution are well aware it is the law of the land. The problem is that they don't obey it or any other laws. They are criminals who have overthrown the rule of law. Things will not get better until the criminals are put in leg irons and sit in prison awaiting their turn before a firing squad.

It is a straw man to screech that we need to pound on the Constitution harder and yell out how important it is. That time is long past. You should suspect anybody advocating more education in the Constitution to resolve the crisis is fake opposition. The new majority in Congress is already suggesting this panacea will solve the dilemma. It isn't going to fix anything. If the new majority is not just another puppet caucus they will start putting people into prison for crimes against the United States and the law.


The Observer said...

A simple argument against the sacredness that conservatives hold the Constitution in:

The Constitution is supposed to keep the nation on track, and provides checks and balances for doing so. The nation has clearly and disastrously veered off course. Hence, either:

a) The Constitution has not worked, and is hence worthless, or

b) The Constitution has worked, all the things that have happened are in its purview, and hence it is evil.

The usual rejoinder by Convervatives to this is "you can't blame a map if the people don't choose to follow it!", but maps don't claim to provide checks and balances to ensure that people follow the road.

The ability to "interpret" the Constitution is effectively, the ability freely rewrite it, and looking back on it it really seems a wonder how people imagined a piece of paper would stop determined psychopaths. After all, we really didn't know that the Constitution enshrined abortion, gun control, spying on one's citizenry, hit lits, etc, etc, they were speaking really softly and we just heard them.

NjordDanuson said...

The kwa has been sucked dry and soon most of them will be nothing more then radioactive dust blowing in the wind ...

Grognard said...

Most of the world has no concept of fair play. They just want you to be subservient to them, or dead.

Now america has more 'most of th world' in its borders than it has americans. If people don't wake up the future will be as grim as any 3rd world country of today. Banana republics in south america are already looking more attractive in many ways.