Monday, November 17, 2014

Dempsey The Dumpster Peeker Coot Is At It Again

He wants 80,000 troops on the ground in Iraq to command as he sees fit.

Encouraging the Obamination to ignore the Constitution and do it with an "executive order." (Whatever the hell those things are supposed to be, anyway.) Somebody needs to call the MPs on the phone and get over here in their jeep before this guy signs off duty. He's in our ranks trying to subvert the Constitution, a clear violation of his oath when he enlisted. A couple years in Leavenworth should straighten him out.

Still waiting to hear what war you won all that fruit salad on your uniform, soldier. It doesn't appear to be on your resume. You know it is a very serious offence to wear insignia or medals you are not entitled to.

I know I made this joke before, but just imagine you are brushing your teeth at 9:30 pm at night and you glance out the window and this old coot is standing on a dumpster right outside your window peeking in and masturbating. You know you would have to throw your underwear away. He's creepy as hell.

When sociopaths are on top, they pretend to be people of courage. When they are on the bottom they cringe like dogs and pretend to be the victims. They are honorless wretched opportunists who will never understand real patriotism, love for your nation, selflessness and loyalty to your own people. They are semi-mammals without mammalian feelings. As one Vault-Co reader pointed out, less brain could never be better than more brain. Sociopaths and psychopaths have big shadows in CT scans of their brains in various places that indicate they have voids there. I always find it hilarious when these melonheads blame "depression" for their evil deeds. Knucklehead, I'm a Neanderthal. I was practically born riding the black dog and it never made me any less of a man when the chips were down. We Neanderthals live with sadness the rest of you cannot even comprehend. These Melonheads think if they experience one setback they are entitled to embark on a serial killing spree as mood therapy. It is about what is inside you and depression invariably reveals it. If you are a bad man, you want to blame your monstrous deeds on the fact you were feeling a little down. You make me sick, chrome domes. A pity you were not born a proper person like a Neanderthal.


Fubar said...

"Mentally raped".
What a weenie.

styrac1 said...

Jake said...

Again, thanks for a good post that affirms my life-experience, and that of many like us.
I still need to get someone to look at a photo of my features to help me determine my type, but as a part-Norwegian, part-Swedish, half-Finnish guy who loves brutal cold and has fairly thal features, I'm confident I'm on your side.

Regarding depression: it is much less of a problem for me now that I am off the fluoride and chlorine and GMOs, etc. But as I recall from the darkest depths, I actually felt more empathy and compassion for other beings when I was most depressed. I certainly never felt that I should act out in rage by killing or brutalizing others.
I just went hunting up north, and got a deer. I felt sadness for the deer, and could not dance with joy.
Many hunters mug around with the deer, almost making fun of it or treating it like a video game.
Anyway, Dempsey is certainly bizarrely creepy. How he could be entrusted with the responsibility he has is beyond me. Only a moron, even for a melonhead, would put him in charge of anything.

Texas Arcane said...


I don't know if you have seen my ideas about this on the site before, but have you ever thought about the effects of empathy and game conservation?

If you feel no empathy for your animals you will simply kill as many as you can until they are all gone. They do this in Africa and then they end up in late night WorldVision commercials.

I think Neanderthals had strong empathy with animals to control their consumption rates of the local flora and fauna. It is a very practical and useful biological adaptation. If it makes you sad for the deer every time you kill one imagine how carefully you will measure out your demand against your supply. Compare with China where they eat dogs. This fellow feeling with animals could be part of the Neanderthal's overall superb adaptation for long term inhabitation of areas with great stability in both his numbers and the animals around him.

Chris James said...

There are some people in Africa who soothe their livestock as their life passes from them. I saw one video where the herder pierced a goat's neck artery with a stick and then held its head on his lap while he caressed its side. Was the most peaceful death I've ever seen, considering it was delivered through a violent act. The goat did not panic or have any visible death throes.

Whoever this tribe was, they have the moral high ground over most developed nations when it comes to treatment of animals. If you actually think about the meat industry in the U.S., it's quite insidious. Even how we keep pets(like splitting up litters, removing them from their mothers) would be considered an atrocity if practiced on humans.

Even among Africa negroes there is a divide between the psychopathic and the normal.

Jake said...

I have not read your articles or essays on this. I will do a search.

One could also go into the spiritual/religious importance of treating other creatures well. There is something almost satanic about the average American hunter these days, laughing, joking, playing with the body parts while drinking a beer. The denizens of the far rural areas in the USA are just as degraded and devolved as the urbanites... but they tend to be more violent and less edumacated even!

Anyway, someday, I plan to write a book about my journey out of depression, brain-damage, and repression. "How I Became a Neanderthal Again" is the working title.
I can't believe how much more energy I have. My vocabulary is even coming back. I used to be 99.9% on all verbal tests (SAT, standardized tests, GRE, etc.), and 95%+ in math. Then I lost it.. the fluoride really hit in my early 20's. I think it builds up and then, BAM!
Suddenly, in the last month, I find myself using cool words again. I can understand computer code again. Slowly but surely, I am coming up with business ideas, ideas for self-sufficiency.
Of course, most friends/family just think I'm even more crazy now.
How do you deal with that? My guess is that you are considered a bit... eccentric? :)

NjordDanuson said...

General Disco will soon be leading a crack unit on a march back to the top of the billboard charts...

Grognard said...

What's the quote? Irish have been amazing warriors in every cause but their own. Thanks for continuining the tradition, Dempsey.