Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dec. 24th Worldwide Prohibition on Firearms?

It's funny because I remember Bill Cooper said this is the exact date they would introduce it, before he was gunned down in his own driveway.

William Cooper said it would be introduced as a surprise on the day before Christmas when people would be home with their families for the holidays and it would not register on them until well into the New Year.

Cooper said at first the law would be passed as an international treaty without enforcement and after that each measure of the bill would be gradually enforced, starting with the ban on ammunition.

It looks like once again, William Cooper was spot on.

Bill Cooper said propaganda about UFOs, reptilians and other dimensions was ridiculous crap that was itself funded by the elites because they believed it helped to induce apathy, depression and surrender. Bill Cooper suggested that David Icke had been recruited to spread this claptrap as part of the general psy-ops program run on the peasants to make them think all resistance was futile. After all, who can fight with 9 foot tall shapeshifting reptilians from another dimension? If you knew your enemy was really just fat bloated rich people with big heads who enjoyed pedophilia, they would hardly be very awe inspiring and resistance begins to seem like something that could be successful. Bill believed that the elites came from a long line of ruling classes who were innate experts at illusion, misdirection and deception. I bet if Bill was still alive he'd regard my story of the origins of the melonheads to be very plausible.

Just in poor countries? Or in every country?

Bill Cooper refuted every single word he'd ever said about UFOs in the early 1990's, convinced he had been pranked by the Air Force for the express purpose of getting him to write about documents they had "accidentally" let fall on Cooper's desk shortly before he was discharged. That's not the first time that has happened. One classic psy-ops ploy is to release your sensitive information early on, then totally discredit the guy who releases it as a a madman or lunatic so nobody pays attention. Another is to pretend you have accidentally released super secret information which in fact is so absurd that anyone who reads it will discredit whoever referred them to it.

Bill was killed sitting in his driveway shot from behind in the head, simply preparing to start his car. A disabled and handicapped man who could only walk with difficulty, he was hardly in any shape for the wildly varying stories given to the press about his assassination one month after 9-11. There was no investigation despite neighbors describing it as an ambush that Bill never got the chance to even surrender to.

Look, here's another point at which apparently that "nut" William Cooper turned out to be right about. Just like Bill said, the "good cop" of global governance will ride to our rescue to protect us from the "bad cop" of local governments - all we have to do is accept their new world currency.


FrankNorman said...

The idea that silly conspiracy theories are being spread on purpose by a would-be ruling elite is a conclusion I came to myself.

If I wanted to rule the world, what more effective way than to make everyone believe that I already did? It would be self-fulfilling.

NjordDanuson said...

Whatever John Todd showed Bill must have been seriously overwhelming proof for Bill to walk away from ufos....

August said...

JFK conspiracy theories benefit the image of the Secret Service. If it was really just Oswald, they don't look very competent. The conspiracy makes them seem powerful- evil perhaps, but competent. We end up with fewer lone assassins via this conspiracy theory too- since those who may be capable and willing to do such a thing are more likely to believe the conspiracy theory and would tend not to try because they think the Secret Service more effective than (perhaps) they are.

Sam said...

Karen Hudes also says the Vatican gets most of the money from the Federal reserve and they are also hiding the Melonheads. She is of course of the tribe so maybe part of what she's saying is true surrounded by lies.

Texas Arcane said...


I'm pretty sure that Bill saw the actual disinformation plan for UFOs and other McGuffins, he claimed to have seen his own name as a useful tool for spreading the drivel. I think that is why he did such a 180 on it.

Texas Arcane said...


Bill said he had a longtime "friend" who had been feeding him "secret" information since he got out of the Air Force ... he realized this guy was his handler and the documents "leaked" were fakes.

There is absolutely a secret government complex at Dulce. There are no reptilians in it.

Texas Arcane said...


This small addendum - I saw a real leak from a guy who worked at Dulce, he said he never saw a reptilian in his 20 years there but he did see a large underground refuge for the elites and he claimed part of it was set aside to house "the servant quarters" where the elites would keep a lot of slaves to protect them and if need be fight to defend the entrances and stores against intruders.

NjordDanuson said...

13 years later its all pretty much mainstream news even dulce base has discovery channel specials about it.The hour of the times was way ahead of its time....