Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dealing With Whistleblowers

The sheeple always think that it is impossible to keep anything a secret.

It isn't. You act swiftly on whistleblowers and things stay secret for centuries. The public is just now beginning to realize the Lusitania was set up for World War One. That is a very long time to keep that floating bomb under wraps.


NjordDanuson said...
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Luke said...

Brain operation turns people into liberals:

Lazer said...

This ( was on the History Channel Earlier today. There was also a show detailing the possiblity of secretive US Government tunnel systems on before it.

My mind started flaring with all the possibilties of the tech mentioned in the latter for vault building.

One of the sections was even on the tunnels built by Illegals to smuggle "drugs" across the border. If people with IQs of 90-100 can acheive this it boggles the mind what neanderthals were up too.

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