Tuesday, November 25, 2014

China Goes Public With Supersonic Drone

Likely this can deliver multiple nuclear payloads on a complex flight schedule.

Forget about ICBMs. The only nation wasting their time with that disco-era technology is the backward 3rd world country of Kwanstainia.

These supersonic drones will navigate without satellite guidance over a whole list of targets on a landmass, leaving airbursts or ground bursts behind it as it rushes on to the next target.

The best defence for this kind of warfare would have been an underground shuttle system for military hardware like the Chinese have been digging non-stop for the past twenty years. That way the enemy cannot know exactly where his opponents assets are at any given hour. Fixed silos have gone the way of pet rocks and tie-dye tee shirts.

Civilians have only one way of surviving this kind of warfare and that is inside a proper hardened vault, a real civil defense shelter like we have been advocating here at Vault-Co the past decade. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so but the truth is … we saw this coming more than 12 years ago and have been blogging about it the entire time.

Now imagine these … except with cobalt-salted payloads or maybe spewing plutonium fuel in a wake behind it as it is burned in the engine. Oh snap, this is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about.

"Wait, Tex, I am sure our ABM system can hit some of these." Except Amerikwa's ABM system was shut down completely in the 1990's and was utterly incapable of hitting supersonic targets anyway. Nothing can hit these things unless you hoist up an aerial stream of nuclear airbursts in front of it. Otherwise, smile because these drones will be touring your city in the near future at some point and unless you have a vault, smiling one last time is all you will be able to do. Try to think of the positives the way Oprah Winfrey is always saying. No more traffic jams. No more social justice warriors crying about the plight of Lithuanian transgendered dwarves. Nothing but the sounds of crows and the howling wind. The Emperor of Ice Cream holding dominion over all.


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