Sunday, November 2, 2014

Check Out the New Dinosaur Disclaimers On Wikipedia

Admitting they got it all wrong originally without admitting anything …

Once again, the "nuts" had it right for over a century.

There were no dinosaurs. There were and and are many different species of birds. They didn't go extinct. They simply changed into apparel more appropriate for the climate and environment.

Inaccurate paleoart.jpgNote: This historical image is not a factually accurate dinosaur restoration.
Reason: Too many fingers, no dewclaw, crocodilian osteoderms.
You may ask further questions about the accuracy of this image at the image review page of WikiProject Dinosaurs on the English Wikipedia. Note that this image may be appropriate to illustrate obsolete paleontological views.

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
- Genesis 1:21

For a couple hundred years, wiseacres have been asking why there is no mention of dinosaurs in Genesis. That's easy. There is no such thing as "dinosaurs." Outside of Hollywood movies they never existed anywhere.

If you wanted to see what "dinosaurs" actually looked like, you'd do better to consult this image :

To understand the scope of this fraud, consider they were discussing scales on dinosaurs for hundreds of years as a given before they realised dinosaurs didn't have any. They had feathers.

It is likely that it is the modern era that has the closest relatives still existant to coincide with the popular myth of the "dinosaur" in the crocodile and the komodo dragon. Ancient Ornithischia had very little in common with these modern saurian breeds.

If you dwell on this long, you will inevitably realize that the planet has always been a fantastically beautiful and wonderful place from its earliest beginnings. The earth was not more "primitive" a hundred million years ago. It was even more colourful, gaudy and awe-inspiring. The whole pseudo-religious neo-darwinist notion of the earth going from a "primitive" to "less primitive" state is a quasi-pagan fantasy fabricated by mindless followers of Charles Darwin.

I was just looking at some products of this mystery faith in depictions of earlier races of men. Instead of depicting them as taller, better looking, nobler, more muscular and wiser, they are always short-hideously-mishapen-ugly-wrinkled. That is just not what the evidence says at all.


L said...

I tell my kids that our chickens are actually dinosaurs, and that they're eating dinosaur eggs for breakfast for the same reasons.

In the same vein of "scientific religious dogma gets it wrong" it appears that the brain may not be the seat of consciousness after all...

John said...

So many times I read this blog and think to myself, thank God I never paid attention in school. I might now actually believe in the sky-is-green jibberish they are so intent on pushing. I'm also just generally thankful that I grew up before giving amphetamines to children diagnosed with the fictional malady "ADD" became fashionable. I must have been one the last "hyper" kids to make it through without being drugged because I remember being in college with these poor bastards a year or two behind me. Continued amphetamine usage since being prescribed in high school, junior high, or even grade school. Of course they all smoked a ton of pot to kill the speed high.

At this point you could probably win Parent of the Year by turning your kid loose in the local forest preserve. Much more beneficial than the current typical upbringing.

I used to read this blog and get upset because I thought you were rooting for the end of the world. It's occurred to me that you're just anxious for all of this ugliness to pass. Me too, though I've been having some pretty jarring apocalypse dreams. We shall see.

Texas Arcane said...


Pagan traditions describe the earth as slowly emerging from dust or mud and being very primitive archetypal forms. This is exactly what evolution insisted the world had done - gone from abstract crude shapes to complex shapes.

Hollywood depicted the early earth with stop-motion as this barren rock wasteland. In fact, it was an Edenic green lush paradise so beautiful it would probably hurt our eyes to look at.

Chris from Sydney said...

A related article for new readers of Vault-Co which gives an overview of the scam.

Tex, if you want a set of commemorative dino bones to display as a trophy kill in the shelter you can order a set here,

I didn't realize how big this business is, it's got to be a money maker just like constructing 'replica' relics for the Catholic church during the middle ages...

bicebicebice said...