Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brilliant Essay On The Doomed West

This is worth reading twice.

If you understand this article, you'll also understand why the cobalt-salted worldwide death shroud is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer rose-colored glasses answer to our dilemma. In this resolution, the West survives in some form.

Also discovered through the article is a link to an excellent explanation of why I instinctively despised the intensely political illuminati mind-hump trash called The Avengers. The movie was about serving SHIELD and its unelected shadow rulers.

(Link courtesy of Vault-Co reader)


Awakened said...

Brilliant you say? Written by a man who really doesn't even understand the true nature of Christianity. Real brilliant.

Grognard said...

If you have not seen a comic in a while, you are in for a shock. Take a look at what became of Donald Duck for example. The bizarre 'uncle dolan' stuff that is popular in sweden is a parody of what it's become which is not too far from the reality. They are basically all ruined to various degrees at this point. Superman is now a communist parable blah blah blah list goes on and on. Every single thing I loved as a kid has been drudged up and pissed on either by cultural marxists or by corporate craplords who have made it into a mockery.

Sitara said...

Terminator 1 & 2, incredibly, got it right where scifi writers got it wrong. When the robot apocalypse comes it won't be hulking building sized robots and mechs crushing us underneath their titanium treads. No, the real danger will be the cutting edge 'Gholams' who will infiltrate our society from within. Using cold algorithmic logic unbiased by base emotions the machines will come to the inevitable and logical conclusion: Humanity is scum and needs to be put out of the earth's misery.

I wonder if the future, real world version of 'Skynet' will allow some humans to join their ranks and assist in the great cleansing. Maybe after some modifications to our coon brains to enhance our IQs and undo the damage decades of bad genetics, drugs, subliminal messages and outright lies on a global scale have done.

In fact Terminator got something wrong too: the machines were never the bad guys, they were doing the earth a favor.

Texas Arcane said...


Whatever he does or doesn't understand, he seems to me to be predicting our trajectory with enormous accuracy. That generally points to his model for the world being better than that put forward by nearly everybody else.

People telling us that the current state of affairs are going to turn out just fine have to be fairly judged insane at this stage. They were insane all along it is just become that obvious now.

deadman said...

While I don't disagree that most (if not all) big Hollywood productions have a distinct politically correct &/or occultic element to them (look for the frequent octagons).

S.H.I.E.L.D actually get's its arse handed to it in the most recent Captain America movie & the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series.
While the Nazi affiliated shadow organisation 'Hydra' comes back to the fore.

I'd say the current Marvel movie franchise is less about promoting the Illuminati specifically & more about promoting transhumanism & the occultic idea of the origin of earthly life being alien in nature.

- deadman

Ave said...

problem is, in the second Captain Maerica movie, SHIELD is shown as being run by genuine Nazis, and has been since 1945.

It's a thinly veiled parody of the american military-industrial complex (mainly of the post-WW2 era), but SHIELD really are Nazis even in this universe.

Russell said...


Maybe he doesn't, but he does understand the men of the west, or rather, the men without chests in the west.

I've seen true Men of the West, they exist, but they are few in number. Will they be enough? Dunno.

In either case, my goal is to go to my death, in whatever form, with a song in my heart and a smile on my lips, having fought to the best of my ability for the length of my days.

styrac1 said...

Can an environment of economic insecurity actually reinvigorate western man to seek to exert himself in an outer directed-manner and regain the power he once had over external events necessary for his survival? Or this economic insecurity and deprivation would lead instead to further deterioration in the spiritual and cultural sphere?

Third world shitholes where such conditions are permanent never produced any marvels. Then again, contrary to what leftists say that people who excel in academia did so because because they had the best possible conditions available to them, there are countless examples of people who lived a deprived a childhood but grew up to become top scientists and thinkers.

Justin said...

Such nihilism, hopelessness, and spiritual bankruptcy has no partnership with Christ, our Lord. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian and link to such trash.

Texas Arcane said...


You think Christianity guarantees that Merika won't simply blow away and be replaced by barbarism like all those other nations, despite it not even being a Christian nation any more?

I think you need to man up and quit blaming Christianity for your timidity when it comes to the survival of your nation and your race. I think it has less to do with Christianity and more about the kinds of endocrinal disruptors we have in the water supply that Krisschans became the limp-wristed super loser Zionist worshipping milquetoasts they are today.

Grognard said...

Styrac - thirdworldia has always been kept low in population by disease. They have never had population pressure until very recently when there population has exploded. As things get more competitive and easy expansion stops, things will change dramatically. Just as they did with europe, which has gone through this many times.

Awakened said...

Ron said...

I think you've missed an important point of the Avengers and Captain America plots.

One of the big tricks of the occultists is to give you a "harbinger", that is, they "warn" you about the truth, in a way, so their conscience is clear, or they've cleared up the chakra karma balance or whatever.

This is an old old trick that dates back thousands of years.

The research shows that the National Socialists were an occult movement whose occult, genocidal and economic roots were actually found in the United States as well as England.

The idea of genocide was something that originated in New England, not Nazi Germany. The socialist economic policies can be directly traced to England and France.

My point is, that there really was a "meta" occult movement involving an international organization(s?) that engineered the nightmare of WWII. These people are motivated by more than simply economics.

By using these ideas into the storyline, the occultists both "warn" us of the truth, and at the same time discredit it. As it's only a story.

Joss Whedon has done exactly this over and over again in many of his movies and television shows. He will take the idea we are discussing and portray them in his shows, so they are "only a show".

Examples would be the Firefly movie, the dollhouse (whose premise is about mind control), and of course the Avengers.

Whether he does this because it makes for a compelling story, or as part of something a lot more sinister, I can't tell. But I suspect it's #2.

Mantis Mainomai said...

@ Ron
While it doesn't have anything to do with the Occult, I note that despite all that is portrayed about Climate Change and Global Warming in media and education, the only Hollywood blockbuster to have tackled the topic is 'The Day After Tomorrow'. In which, of course, the premise is far more similar to what is spoken about here or at Robert Felix. Would you consider that a 'Harbinger', in that they are 'leaking' the truth as a story?