Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby Buggery Island : At Least The Nazis Lost

I seriously doubt if Germany had successfully invaded England and taken over the country, they would have permitted pedophile parties stocked from orphanages on the weekends for 50 years.

No. I don't think so. They had Amon Goeth waiting on a death sentence for mistreating prisoners in his command and he was confined to a padded cell where the Soviets found him when the war was over and carried out the sentence. The Germans didn't go for that sort of thing, they had two putsches in their own ranks to clean the perverts out when Hitler was in power. Baby buggery was not on the list of their Aryan ideals.

Perhaps German rule would have been inhuman but I don't see how it could have been worse than this.

If you read the article carefully you will see the Kray brothers come up again, apparently serving the same sort of function as the thugs working covertly for the OPC corporation  in the first Robocop movie. This is why Jimmy Savile was correct in asserting he would never be charged. He was right about that.

Don't you wish sometimes there really were superheroes driven purely by virtue that could apprehend these people who believe they are outside the law? I know I do. Paul Verhoeven's earliest concept for Robocop was "Jesus Christ with a gun." That's the thing about the remakes. The gay directors who make these reboots don't understand the attraction of the previous films. All they see is somebody who does not need to practice impulse control. The real attraction of Robocop, Superman and the original Spiderman is that they are fundamentally good people who put the law above their own desire for revenge or retribution. That's why the remakes stink so badly.


Lugh said...

You may get what you wish for. Maybe the Terminators will become police. And remember the Inter-Planetary Union left Gort to keep peace on Earth in The Day the Earth Stood Still.

John said...


Have you checked out Verhoeven's "Jesus: The Man"? I was just reading the wikipedia entry on him, seems too well-adjusted to be in showbiz. Coincidentally I just watched Starship Troopers the other day. I don't really like what he did with that movie, but then again I'm not sure how you could ever get a faithful rendition of the book released in this day and age.

How did you get to your current understanding of Christianity? I sometimes see your faith questioned here in the comments section by people espousing what I think you'd call the modern "limp-wristed" brand.

Healthwyze has a nice article about illegitimacy of Pauline Christianity and in it the author seems to claim that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are pretty much all you need. It seemed like a pretty sound line of thought. Anyways, I'm mainly curious about how you went from pre-atheist to atheist to where you are now. I apologize if I'm prying.