Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Harvard Diploma Isn't Worth A Fistful of Used Toilet Paper

Harvard Graduates Can't Pass 5th Grade Literacy Test From 1964

I took that test and got every single question right.

One of the big reasons I dropped out of college is too much exposure to people who had graduated. I didn't want to end up like that.


Fubar said...

... and that test is hard for what reason?
Wow. What a sad state we in the Kwa have fallen to when thinking and basic problem solving skills are deemed "rascist".

Luke said...

That test was easy.

Grognard said...

Funny how they try to make the test look so unfair. I took the test and it's pretty simple. I can see it tripping up some people who aren't too sharp and some might fail on time. But clearly it comes as an indictment of Harvard applicants even more than test unfairness.

More pedo rings. It just goes on and on:

Texas Arcane said...


See what I was saying about the average Vault-Co reader? All that money for an education and they can't come within a country mile of some retarded survivalists on a crank board. VC regulars could think circles around any of these idiots.

HerewardMW said...

Probably not entirely unrelated is Steve Sailer's observation that many of these Ivy League studies seem to work mostly because Ivy League students are geniuses at working out the results that their professors want.

Run the same test but with a different back story i.e. something where passing would show how stupid those evil Republicans are and I'll bet you get a different set of results.

Awakened said...

You really disappoint me on this one Tex. meant to disenfranchise people.

bicebicebice said...

Reminds me of that post-quote
" americans are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning "

I guess the little spin-doctors-to-be, couldnt accept the fact that the test wasnt out to get them or cheat them in anyway, a very thalish test if you ask me!

And then they make up all kinds of reasons to place the blame somewhere else.


KW Jackson said...

It seemed straight-forward and in line with what I remember of school at that level. I'd like to see the completed test papers of the Harvard students who failed and what the examiner failed them on.

Russell said...

I was expecting it to be more devious, or something. It wasn't, a few little linguistic and typographical tricks, the rest was so straightforward I did the test twice thinking I had missed something.

I like how they played the thing off like a silly joke. Had they targeted Republicans or anyone else with badthink, the article would have be toned differently to expose the danger the US is in with such idjits running around and voting!

Then the left would have suggested, with a straight face, that the test should be administered to the people they don't like. And at the time time, decrying voter id as being Jim Crow-like laws.