Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why Suffrage Was A Mistake

There is no better way to protect women alone from guns than to force all the law abiding people to surrender all their arms. Just call a cop, they'll protect you … when they get there in a couple of days. Protect your body for forensics.

Australia is such a joke that serial killers just randomly flip a coin, knock on any door with a buck knife in their hand and then they go inside and kill all the old people in the house. The cops will protect you. The same way they protected the Adamsons, butchered like goats in their own home.

I would love to see one of these Aussie idiots try the same thing in Texas. He'd knock on a door, alright. He'd knock on one door. End of crime spree.

In Australia, the government only permits people to own brooms for their own safety - unless they are guarding cash or jewellery for wealthy people, in which case they get a gun. Their own lives are worth a broom.

Most Australians, I gave up on a long, long time ago. I just stare at them when they talk. What is the point? I might as well be speaking to a wooden post.  Lights are on, nobody is home. Boy, confidence is sure high, however. They'd have to be the most confident people on Earth. I never have found out why they are so confident but it appears they know the answers to everything. If I knew the answers to everything I bet I would be just as confident as they are. Australians are nationwide Dunning-Kruger.

The next time some bolshevist lies to you in America about how good it worked out here in Australia, tell them that Australia now has more illegal guns in circulation and a higher drive-by rate of shootings in Sydney than in South Central Los Angeles. The criminals do not appear to have been made aware of the stringent regulations.

Bolshevists "believe" that central government can create more human happiness, prosperity and security than humans can create for themselves. They claim this is what they believe, anyway. The fact that the world is a museum of marxist failures or that the unemployed Karl Marx wrote his book when America was fighting the Indian Wars does not appear to phase them. They think Christianity is ridiculous and a superstitious lot of rubbish. This is what Bolshevists actually believe.

Bolshevists won't listen to anything like a rational argument. They can't. They are missing the core of their brain, a structure called the amygdala. It doesn't matter that their arguments make no logical sense, however, because there is nobody left bright enough to know that.


Grognard said...

They don't believe that. They believe in weakening individual power as much as possible so they can control everything.

Grognard said...

Also, I would argue that 'nuts' having the ability to defend themselves from oppressors like her is the point of the second amendment. It's really about protecting yourself from the government.

In Switzerland everyone is required to have an assault rifle. I have no doubt leaders there would not violate their own laws at the drop of a hat as they do in the US these days.

deadman said...

What I've found to be part of the Australian psyche is essentially a form of 'little man syndrome'.

Large geographical nation, with a small population, that doesn't really count for much.

They want to be big shots on the global political stage, yet they're not.

They want to be big shots on the global entertainment stage, yet they're not.

They want to be big shots on the economic / trade stage, yet they're not.

Oh the economy of Aus. is doing quite well compared to most, yet no one really relies on Aus. all that much.

A key factor in diagnosing the 'little man syndrome' for Aus. is the obsessive desire for success at sport. About the only forum where Aus. can stand out.

To Aus., success at sport takes on a highly emotive / egotistical element. Whereby failure at sport jars their fragile egos.

Not for Aus. the mere enjoyment of the sport / game. No for Aus., success at sport is paramount to their notions of selfworth.

It doesn't help that the origins of Aus. are that of a convict / peasant nation.

One little caveat that gnaws at the ego of Aus.

Especially as the convict origins are far from the most noble or honourable origins for a nation.

- deadman

KW Jackson said...

You know the reason the convicts/peasants were dumped in Aus. is because the Crown could no longer dump them on the NE coast of North America after war of independence?? 1776, and then they started dumping in Aus. 1788.

Australians want to be Americans - and are succeeding minus the solid constitution and cultural respect for independence. However, they're racing towards parity in stupidity via cultural Marxism. I see the same counter-bleating in comment threads all over the internet from Aussies and Yanks. While most people leech the same anti-gun propaganda from the TV-sphere into their minds and confirm it is correct via feedback discussions (extrovert truth seeking) the slide accelerates. As people become more extroverted (in the sense of how they seek truth; extro-veritas) the authoritarian agenda is more easily implemented. It's why all mass shooters now have Aspergers (which is mostly misdiagnosis of low-level narcissism).

cbenediccengi said...

Texas Arcane said...


Brilliant everything you said.

This business of declaring any weirdo who goes crazy as having "Aspergers" is just an extension now of wherever they find a child with autism they claim it is "aspergers" to avoid hurting the parents feelings and telling them their kid is autistic.

"Aspergers" is a quality universal to people who are good at things. Autism is something else. The strange state of psychology is that it is now confusing anybody who is different with "Aspergers." It goes like this :

People who have Aspergers are different and often have unusual ideas.

People who go on shooting rampages were said by others to have weird ideas. Ergo, people who go on shooting rampages have Aspergers.

The truth is that people with real Aspergers have overall lower levels of crime, delinquency and convictions for violence than the general population. They are timid and law abiding and are just not the sort of people who store up grievances and then "avenge" themselves on others. It is so unlike them but is typical of all so-called "ordinary" people. In shooting rampages it is just more extreme, a person trying to prove to the group they will be sorry for treating them badly. People with real Aspergers tend to want to withdraw and avoid groups, not "prove" anything to them.