Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Was The Black Death The Catalyst For Western Civilization?

I was having a very interesting conversation with my son on the subway this morning. We talked about Nietzsche's apparent admiration for dictators and tyrants. On your first reading of Nietzsche it is easy to get the impression he is a proto-fascist. If you slow down and read him more carefully you'll get a completely different impression in your second pass. You will start to see a much broader perspective than is obvious to a casual reader - Friedrich despised such people and said his writing was designed to put them off when they first read it.

Nietzsche believed that human nature is so corrupt and evil that without catastrophe and chaos it would never get anywhere. I agree with him and you should not take it as support for any of the things you are thinking about now. I still agree with him. He is right ... without the plowshare of evil there would be no human progress ever, in anything.

Humans are such a rude camp of savages it is only in conditions of war they learn any virtues or self-control or selflessness. It is another reason that war drives innovation because otherwise humans are incapable of learning, changing or adapting until they are terrified for their very lives. It opens their minds, not very far but wide enough to accept new ideas.

Nearly all our notions about individual rights are driven by the reigns of the psychopathic madmen Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon Bonaparte, who between the two of them razed the existing civilizations and drove expansion towards North America.

There is a growing school of thought that without the Plague, there would be no western civilization at all. It is interesting to think that even as people fear and cower in denial from the specter of violent change, it could well be the only thing that halts the advance of terrible evils and terribly evil men. Without the plague it is possible we would all still live under feudalism and the Holy See. It is a sobering thought. Men are mindless idiots and without external evils to prod them they are incapable of reform or self-restraint.

When decadence and decay have taken their toll and seem like they are closing in forever, it is usually close to a new and terrible dawn with all kinds of new possibilities. You have to respect the survivalist who wants to live to see it instead of ending up with the chaff burned up from the former era.

P.S. The very next page on the Philip Atkinson site is indispensable must-read Vault-Co canon. If you have not read this page before you will find it more enlightening than an entire book by Spengler.


Lugh said...

Many of the Cathedrals were built before the Plague. And they remain the height of Christian Civilization. It's been all down hill in that area since Protestantism. Many of the Saints, Fathers, and Doctors believed in Predestination btw. It was deemphasized when Calvin and Co made a big deal about it.

The Plague helped raise wages and freed up land for new people to get ahead. So that was a good thing perhaps. This time it will be different since the Elite are planning to use disease to get rid of us. They will control the world afterwards - or so the think. No mind however gifted can see all possibilities though. Too bad we can't just go off world and avoid all this. The discovery of the New World saved the West without the need of a plague.

Ave said...

You have to see that this is all about how history is being taught.

I remember that this way of considering the Black Plague was taught to me when I was in High School. The sudden lack of manpower led to an explosion of the number of "mechanical slaves" (windmills, gears etc.).

It was only when I studied again to become history teacher than I was introduced to the concept of the "full world", which we had reached in Europe by 1250. Again, Joseph Tainter in "Collapse of Complex Socieities" is the man who best explained the implications of such a situation, where every bit of land (i.e. ressources) is being taken.

This way to look at history through economic issues bloomed in the 70s, but it was called "marxist" (it still is today BTW) and thus is tainting the entire approach.

One might think that the elites are naming this "marxist" because they want to keep it for themselves, but what I witnessed in business school -the place where it would have been most appopriate !- is that the "elites" receive endoctrination rather than proper history lessons.

Herman said...

That Atkinson post is precisely why my grandfather and the entire town he lived in quit speaking Norwegian after the Second World War

Al said...

Rupert Sheldrake on Scienmagistry:

Seems like this guy, Robert Lanza with Biocentrism and Chris Langan with his soon to be released books are going to be leading the next phase of scientific advancement unifying conscious phenomena and the 'material' universe.

Interesting how the orthodoxy shuns and attacks them. They seem to be afraid of what doesn't exist.

Sam said...

The Philip Atkinson site is excellent. It amazes me that we can't stop this invasion. It would be simple to do so. Everyone who hires illegal aliens would have any profits and equipment used by them confiscated. Instead of repatriating the aliens back to Mexico we help them immigrate. To Africa. I'm sure we could bribe (oops sorry), compensate someone in the Congo to take these immigrants. This would stop all illegal immigration IMMEDIATELY.

Awakened said...

Atkinson is beneath contempt. Sure, we won't kill our enemies . Yeah. Right.
Either a blind fool or a clever hatemonger

Herman said...

My friend who's becoming a banker visited London recently. He was disgusted at how anti-English the city was. All he saw was a sea of immigrants from the former empire none with any loyalty to their previous masters.