Thursday, October 16, 2014

TED : Where Pretend Smart People Go To Pretend To Be Smart In Front Of Other Fake Smart People

A Vault-Co Reader sent me a link to one of two talks deleted at TED by two of my favourite thinkers, Sheldrake and Hancock.

Okay, so why invite them to begin with? They should have never been asked. They are not part of the monopoly on intellamajence you have formed with your friends. You and your friends can put on your little show and take turns pretending to be as bright as the dumbest browsers on Vault-Co. (Almost as bright, anyway)

… but seriously, a Soviet-style purge where you remove the videos from the event posthumously, remove them from the registry of speakers and move them to a "safe" zone on the internet? You gotta be kidding me. Nobody is dumb enough to pull a stunt like that.

Just to clarify. I hate TED. Always have. Watched 5 minutes of it and knew exactly what it was about. It is vanity for people who did not have the good genetic fortune to be born all that bright. I had no idea they did things like this, however. What a shocking embarrassment for them. Are they worried about infecting others with ideas they don't have the strength to judge the merits of themselves? Really creepy stuff. As usual, militant atheist social justice warriors ("bolshi" is much shorter) were behind all of it. Those people make me sick to my stomach. To think that I was a fellow traveler for 16 years … it makes me feel like I need a strong hot bath to get the smell off.

Sorry this is the first time I have ever mentioned TED. I have believed for the past ten years they did not warrant a mention. They never struck me as the real thing. You have to understand that the legions of fake thinkers pretending to be able to reason outnumber the genuine article 10,000-to-1 in the same way that early Cro-Magnons outnumbered Neanderthals when they appeared in southern Europe. I can assure you that the slowest regular on Vault-Co deserves to speak on that stage before any of those other idiots is even permitted to sit down in the audience.

Those who can't, teach. A further premise associated with Dunning-Kruger, is that those who can't, preach. It is an immutable law of nature. The frauds have always got a huge mob over the sincere.

You can imagine if they feel a mere inquisitive soul like Sheldrake is too far out on the fringe what they'd think from a day's worth of reading here. They'd probably bust an embolism in their tiny, walnut sized brains.

A couple years back some guy at work asked me what I thought of TED and I told him, "Oprah Winfrey in drag with slide projectors."


NjordDanuson said...

Ted = stephen hawkings and freinds award winning Brawndo commercial....

two miles said...

but they totally have those nice headsets when they speachk

Sam said...

Good video. You've probably heard of him but T. Galen Hieronymus worked with I believe to be the same forces/energies/whatever.

The video you originally linked to had a link to this video.

Prof Franz Hörmann most brilliant 15 minutes banned ted talk

Where the Professor explains the Western money system. The whole thing of course is designed to eventually move all the wealth over time into the bankers hands. It's so stupid. If we get rid of the debt we money. None. Not one penny. So we borrow to make money (which they create out of thin air) then borrow to pay back the interest owed on making the money in the first place of what we all collapses and they own everything.

Jassi said...

The only Ted talk I ever thought worth watching was when Sam Hyde from MDE crashed a Ted X event and completely dissed the entire concept.

Watch it if you haven't yet. It's beautifully cynical.

aeolipera said...

>You and your friends can put on your little show and take turns pretending to be as bright as the dumbest browsers on Vault-Co.

My first shout-out on Vault-Co! :-D