Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SQLite : Is there anything it CAN'T DO ?!?!?

Last night I was toying around with the initialization of the virtual tables I use as shared IPC mechanism in Vault-OS to run messages from the post office to the web server. The mailbox handles messages from daemon processes (now I have them running from inside of VOS at bootup) and provides them globally through SQLite shared memory tables.

So I have been investigating something a bit more vanilla than physically packing all my web site into the executable, say for example, packing it all into a zip file and using that when the program is first run to stick all the required web pages into a floating memory table with caching for ultrafast access by dynamic URL lookups. This would also entail caching of all javascript libraries I am using like JQuery. The great thing is that once all this stuff is in the same table I can retrofit uniform mechanisms to gzip it for delivery or provide pointers into the extended file system for user-added content.

Lo and behold, turns out there is an entire aspect of SQLite I don't even know about called virtual file systems. Accessed by the same queries as everything else. Mind. Blown. This in itself would be a marvel if this is all that SQLite did. In addition to all the other stuff it does I think this makes SQLite the most amazing public domain library on Earth. At times it is as if the author of SQLite was anticipating the needs of the VOS web server and writing the features needed to support that functionality.

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