Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sandy Hook : Records Closed To Public

You're probably thinking ... if Sandy Hook was such an obvious hoax, wouldn't a few simple record checks here and there be able to verify that almost immediately?

This is what happens to people who submit simple review requests for these records.

Absolutely no records of anything related to Sandy Hook are permitted for the public to see. None. The police are called out to stop people from simply looking at them.

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Russell said...

There are cover ups which are easy to spot because the low level goons act like the high and the mighty.

The more goons acting that way, they more you know their bosses are telling them to "make the problem go away" without consideration to law or precedent.

When the bosses are saying that, they want to bury *something* deep.

So by that reasoning, we can be assured that whatever the official line is about Sandy Hook, it's utter crap.