Sunday, October 12, 2014

Recycling Crisis Actors

Makes sense. Directors often say that once you've worked with somebody on a project, you prefer them in the future on other projects because they are a known quantity. The smaller you keep your stable of performers, the less likely there will be a security breach or one of them will talk.

This is the same guy. You can hear it in the voice and see it in the face. He lost a few pounds in the past 14 years but it is him. I am sure you may be familiar with the infomercial actor on 9-11 who explains the exact physics of what just happened with an uncanny insight that normally does not come from a guy on the street who barely even knows what just happened or why.

Nick Pugh is in show business and was listed in a crisis actor registry. He is a conceptual designer for visual effects and staging of events. Need any more?

The government interviewed this man who was at an airport with no I.D. and no plane ticket (?!?!?!?!!?) at least SEVEN TIMES on camera and his account seemed rehearsed in each and every one of them!!

Both "Mark Walsh" and Nick Pugh claim to be "freelancers" for Fox News!!!!


NjordDanuson said...

Grognard said...

Like in every single one of these, the guys look completely different. The guy in hat has a nose that is only 2 inches vertical. The other guy is around 50% longer. That's one of many facial features you can't even change with surgery.

The voices sound the same but there's probably a million generic midwesterners with a very similar voice.