Monday, October 27, 2014

Population Psychosis

You catch it from other lunatics.

Fear the infectious psychological diseases a lot more than the physically contagious plagues.

I read the Ehrlichs at the prompting of a friend back in the early 90's and I caught this disease for a while. I recognize it for what it is. Passive-aggressive neurotic misdirection that eventually turns into complete psychosis. I got over it by learning more about the real world and less about the pretend world.

Kwanstainia concealed death of Ebola patient 4 days and lied about real time of death to public. If the government tells you the sky is blue, you need to go out and check that for yourself with the naked eye. 

It's all sick, twisted rubbish based on scarcity theory and other nutty analogies, none of which bears fruit in terms of accurate predictions. The reality is that the Earth could easily carry a 100 billion people with a perfectly clean environment, as long as they were the right people. That's not a suggestion to bump off the wrong kind, it is an incentive not to exterminate the right kind, which is what the current regime is doing.

Outrage at United Nations as Australia actually makes effort to protect its own citizens.

It is the least they should be doing according to the facts but the NWO wants the world to share the pain, death and misery. 

Do you know how Neanderthal eugenics worked? It was the assurance of mates for the upper 80% and denial of the means to mate to the bottom 20%, mostly consisting of Neanderthals who bore too much resemblance in character to Homo Sapiens. Nobody was executed in camps, they were simply told that no woman had selected them. This was the gentlest way to ease out the Ted Bundys, Charles Mansons and the John Wayne Gacy types. They walked into the snow and died for lack of interest. You repeat this for a million years you're going to get a consistently damn good breed of both man and woman. Any other systems, you're going to get Saps.

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