Saturday, October 25, 2014

Panic On Edjamafcashun Planet

Kwanzanians going full bore nuts as planned.

The funniest thing about the Kwa is that they have watched a million movies where the government is lying or telling everybody "not to panic" and so many of them still say "I am sure the government has everything under control." It must be the benefit of their edjamafacashun.

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Grognard said...

It astonishes me how mind controlled the average person is, especially in europe where they go on about how overreacting americans are.

Wars have been started over a few deaths. Now we are supposed to sit back complacently as africans travel here at will and kill people at whim. It doesn't matter if it will be 'just' a few people, this shows how meaningless we are to the powers that be and the media soothes everyone's feathers as if there is no question this is the only reasonable course.

More people died of the flu last year! Don't worry, a vaccine is on the way!