Sunday, October 12, 2014

One Standard Deviation Since 1889

It was never your imagination.

Modern people always tell us our gut instincts are wrong and their collective consensus on television is right. Turns out reality is right and manboons are wrong.

I have known this my entire life. Like so many other things this is just confirmation of what I have always felt in my gut. It is that obvious.


Chris from Sydney said...

Seems those 800 NSW police involved in that 'anti-terror' raid a few weeks back were their to save us from a plot to cut our heads off with a $15 plastic decorative sword.

The comedy gold keeps on coming, these clowns can't even organize a credible false flag anymore....

Michael Deloatch said...

I have always been skeptical of equating reaction time with general intelligence. Can it just be we're slower than we used to be? Modern life being so complex we have that many more neuronal connections to address when interpreting new data, so to speak?

On the other hand, I always too felt like a fish out of water living in the latter 20th century and that the world is full of idjits. Maybe I'd be smarter too a hundred years back. Wow, just wow...

Al said...

"The 1989 sample had an average reaction time of 245 milliseconds compared with Galtons 1889 average reaction time of much slower average reaction time of 194 ms"

Barely even smart enough to work out how stupid we are. Hanging on to sentience and sanity by a fingernail.

IMO speed and accuracy has more to do with mutation load and healthiness rather than intellectual depth and needs a separate measure to IQ.

I'd like to see historic IQ estimations based on written communications. I was shocked by Marya's letter in War and Peace, "This is how teenage girls wrote in the 19th century!?”

Supposedly psychologists can rate geniuses by the sophistication of their writings so I don't see why they can't plot out the average IQ from 1700 to present based on common letters.

The average IQ of a teenager circa 1800 would probably be 130 based on letters to their family.

The researchers wouldn't know what to make of Facebook conversations. "Does this even pass the Turing test? I've had more compelling conversations with my insurance company's answering machine. We don't know whether it was a person or an Alsatian pawing at the keyboard so I guess we'll just give them a 60."

Jake said...

I believe it. The reaction time correlation to general intelligence is interesting. So, despite the popularity of video games, modern man just ain't as smart!

Take a look at this article. What is your analysis of this great thinker, Tex:

It encapsulates so many arguments and fallacies that are deployed against people like us. Wow -those of us who want to be prepared for the inevitable coming disasters are not just foolish: we are dangerous, deranged, and evil.

njartist said...

Does this or can it mean that while the average IQ for a White in the U.S. is 100, in 1889, that average was 115?

Or does it mean that the racial stock has been so mixed that the IQ has been reduced? If so, would an IQ measurement of the exact same race erase the so-called loss?

Texas Arcane said...


If you look at the biography of any genius you will always find them interested in shelter construction and food storage. Linus Pauling, William Shockley, Robert Heinlein ... the list would go around the planet.

One way to judge expenditures on civil defense is to first find out the average IQ of a country. This maps extremely well to money spent per capita on civil defense, whether it is Switzerland, Germany or Singapore.

Where average IQ drops below 100 there is rarely any money spent on preparing for eventualities at all. Israel is an exception - the leaders there basically spent money that was to go to American civil defense on their own civil defense after describing civil defense as useless - for Americans. Even then, with an average IQ of 92 in Israel the money was spent incredibly inefficiently with 2 of 3 dollars estimated lost on corruption, graft and swindlers. Nevertheless, the otherwise very low IQ Israelis ended up with quality shelters and excellent civilian defense preparations for NBC and others.

Texas Arcane said...


The most likely scenario is that the underlying genes are still intact (hopefully) but a lifetime of drinking mercury-laced corn syrup means it is a miracle that people can react to a lightbulb at all, even if it takes them an hour.

Grognard said...

Well acquainted with this little study.

I have high IQ and fantastic reactions. Probably to do with basic neuronal density or brain size.

I get about 180 on average without much practice, and I am no spring chicken. If someone has upwards of 250 it must be like living in a state of permanent inebriation.

Texas Arcane said...


I think large neuronal size *combined* with the biochemical capacity to scrub that connection clean to make room for a new impulse is the key to making the human brain work well. These two are also related to reaction time. I think some people have large neuronal surfaces and some have quick cleaning of nerve endings but only the two together support actual THINKING. One or both of these traits we get from Neanderthals.

Grognard said...

Interesting, I will look into the scrubbing part.

Sam said...

I think quick response time thinking it not necessarily the same as smart, reasoned or wisdom. I've known people not quick who were very smart. Nervous reflex or the speed of neural reaction measures the speed of reaction. Is neural speed the same as logic? Quickly coming to the wrong conclusion? Could this be another Jewish attempt to mentally attack others? Jews tend to have a lot more quick verbal behavior but that doesn't necessarily always coincide with wisdom.

The letters we have are also those left of the upper classes. A lot of people couldn't read at all. Now we measure everyone whereas before these people wouldn't even show up on the charts. So are the measurements biased towards those that are already the cognitive elite of the age? I do think it's likely that there ha been some downward movement in intelligence but I'm not as inclined to believe it's near as bad as some have stated.

Mantis Mainomai said...

Given it is measured by reaction times, how much do you think fatigue plays a part?

I don't think people actually work harder these days, nor necessarily longer hours, but we almost certainly sleep worse - partly perhaps due to lack of proper physical or mental exertion, but also due to computer screens, cellphones, fluorescent lighting and other distractions.

And then we try to keep our fatigued selves functioning with caffeinated sugary drinks and junk food. Which only stresses us out further.

We try to artificially keep ourselves to a busy pace (while not actually achieving anything), but aren't sleeping well. No wonder our reaction times are slowing.

Mantis Mainomai said...

Moreover, as a young man having grown up in the age of internet pornography, I note the fact that so many men are regularly jacking it would presumably have an effect on our average reaction times.

It's certainly true, that one feels lethargic and loses motivation, energy and focus, if one ejaculates too much.

With the ease of access of high definition pornography, and a culture which encourages regular masturbation as healthy and normal, you can see the effects of that on broader society.

Texas Arcane said...


Ashkenaz generate enough ATP naturally that it is not an exaggeration to say they are exactly like people who drink six cups of black coffee a day. Aggressive, wired, driven, alert, strung out. Just like people who drink six cups a day, this may not have anything to do with "smart," rather than "more motivated."

Sephardics have a very different chemical profile and they have been credited with every real genius produced by the tribe going back to Maimonides. Ashkenaz are exactly like those ice addicts who have two hundred computer laptops in their house and one of them actually work.

Texas Arcane said...


Just like lead in their drinking water explained why the late era Romans were mutated freakish anomalies four feet tall, our modern diet of mercury in corn syrup is more than sufficient with other toxins to explain the loss of intelligence in the modern population. A lot of this has probably taken place mainly in the last 40 years, right after I was born. That's when they switched from sugar to mercury as a sweetener in food across the spectrum.

Grognard said...


Reaction time is not meant to equate exactly to intelligence. IQ is not even meant to do that. They are a sort of stand-in approximation. Reaction time however is very nice because it has a strong correlation with IQ. This shows IQ has a biological basis and that the silly IQ deniers can go get stuffed.

As for jews, different people have different brain wiring. Northern europeans, east asians, and men have more grey matter. Grey matter is where logic comes from. Women and "everyone who's not in the groups already measured" have less grey matter and more white matter. They are both associated with IQ but white matter leads to more sociability and verbal intelligence.