Monday, October 27, 2014

Networked Security Cameras For $27.95 All-Electronics!

Unbelievable IP dome camera with network connections!

The experimenters figured out how to tap these and even change IP settings! They can stream into pictures on a web page where configured!

These are nearly exactly the kind of cameras I intend to support in VOS. Normally they start at around $300.00 running up to $3000.00 with additional features. This was the only drawback was the expense at present but I figured by the time VOS is out in open source, there would be a cheap source of these.

I am planning to snag a couple of these for testing with VOS on the weekend. The best and easiest kind of security cameras stream a picture to a fixed IP address like these. Once you find out what that value is you will be able to put this on any monitoring page in VOS where configured.

Since I already have image reading code in VOS it is very simple once you can tap these pictures to add motion detection for a given camera. You set the sensitivity and it will spot anything from a hand to a jeep entering the frame. Now if anybody can figure out an easy way to transmit these optically instead of over ethernet with cheap parts, I'd be greatly in their debt.

P.S. If you buy a couple of these and worry you will die of old age before Tex gets VOS out in open source (you're wrong but I can understand) you can try a simple free utility like this to allow you to experiment and browse these cameras.

P.P.S. Very cheap RS-232 to TTL shifter here as well. Once you have one of these, your PC can talk to nearly anything via I2C/SPI/TX-RX by using simply serial commands. Good for general interfacing.

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