Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Media Gaffe on Sapiens DNA

Look at the admission at the start of the article.

Oldest Sapiens DNA is 45,000 years old.

Before that, no trace of them ... anywhere ... on entire planet ... ever. In "Africa" or anywhere else for that matter.

What are the odds.

What looks like a custom genetically engineered Neanderthal killing machine zombie race materializes at the Southern tip of Europe and begins marching northward, doing one thing and one thing only. Ambushing, killing and eating Neanderthals. No art. No culture. No painting. No funerals. No weddings. No dancing. No music. No conversation. No singing. No herding. No cultivation.

It sweeps north and kills Neanderthals. At night it sleeps upon the ground. In some sparse camps there is no sign they even made fire.

It's broad shoulders and narrow waist mean it is completely outmatched at close range with the stout, solid superhuman Neanderthal in hand-to-hand combat. It can really only do one thing well in life and it is chuck a spear with deadly accuracy at great ranges. It has no existence outside its task and no evidence of a soul outside of tracking Neanderthals and exterminating them. That is the only thing it does in life.

We are supposed to believe nature produced this creature. What an insulting thing to say about God.

Presto, mission accomplished and scienmagists say we should believe that these empty, hollow, vicious creatures then domesticated all known species of animals and plants almost overnight, in the blink of an eye. It seems almost like they simply found these things in the camps that they destroyed and then began to use them. To their credit there is nothing that can be attributed. All the things they take credit for have no more substance than those mail order degrees from India. We have to take their word for it because the evidence is nonexistent.

Humans call what followed the "Neolithic Revolution." Really? Is that what it was? Or was it just a bunch of savages with Neanderthal children chained to posts in the middle of villages whipped and beaten to make marvelous tools and implements that they themselves lacked the hand-eye coordination and dexterity to create both in their minds and their limbs? Was it really them pulling that plow or was it a Neanderthal kid showing them how to use the domesticated horse that was taken from the "Tuatha De Danann" to pull the shoulder plow harness they had constructed?

I can only speak for myself, because it is the real sum of my experience. All my life I have solved problems for other people and created things. As soon as I finished, I have been elbowed in the ribs to the back of the room and then one of the "Normal people" has held up the works of my hands to great applause by his fellows. If this is the pattern nearly 40,000 years later it is safe to say that not much has changed at all. I can tell by looking at my present what the past was like. Nothing changes with these chimpmanzees. I was on the team that wrote the software that turned around the fortunes of Advanced Mining Technology, which then turned around the fortunes of Industrea, which became attractive when it offered hardware to go with that software, a company formerly considered irrelevant and finished in the mining industry. As for the people in that photo taking the accolades, I never saw'em until they put their picture in the paper. Do you know what I was doing then? I was like Bill Bixby at the end of that old Hulk television show. I was walking down the highway with my knapsack to the next contract, that sad piano music playing in the background. After the Hulk tears the roof off and saves the day, we always see him trying to hitch a ride in the rain with his thumb. Nobody ever thanks the Hulk, he is like a ghost nobody can see.


Henry said...

Amen (or something). The sh** really is that profound.

And they never figure anything out. Calling themselves Homo Sapiens ('the hominid that thinks') was the most narcissistic thing ever, but they haven't got a clue.

They think humans evolved like the other animals did, which should sort of mean they are the greatest thing ever - - except they are so self-loathing!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

There were sapiens bones found in Ethiopia that were dated back to 190,000 years ago. The oldest neanderthal fossils were 250,000 years old if I recall correctly.

Russell said...

"All my life I have solved problems for other people and created things. As soon as I finished, I have been elbowed in the ribs to the back of the room and then one of the "Normal people" has held up the works of my hands to great applause by his fellows."

You know, that happened to me a few years back. My team of four produced a product that the management layer said a) it couldn't be done and b) it had to be done.

We pulled it off, build a working product and made $10 million in sales the first year.

Upper management claimed the credit, claimed the bonuses, and then killed the product. Shut it down. Moved us all to some out of the way project.

Funny how often these stories happen.

deadman said...

Not related, yet you'll find this interesting :

Nothing but a lie

The co-founder of the Weather Channel declares the obvious: there is no anthropogenic global climate change

'John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, shocked academics by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer scientifically credible.'

- deadman

Texas Arcane said...

@Friendly Neighborhood 'Thal


Some of the genes present in Homo Sapiens were found in a completely different genus of hominid in Africa that lived 190,000 years ago. No intermediate fossils and no explanation of how those genes vanished and reappeared at the southern tip of Europe 45,000 years later. No fossils found between Africa and Europe even a partial match.

Fully developed Neanderthal footprints fossilized in stone were now dated to very reliably to a beach in Europe at 800,000 B.C., implying the Neanderthal successfully negotiated snowball Earth climate which was 750,000 years ago. Weight distribution in this footprint shows this Neanderthal family walked upright all the time and few changes between then and 400,000 years later when bones found in Spain dated to this era. The footprint clearly has Morton's Toe and the characteristic structure of the Neanderthal foot including the ball-heel emphasis pointing to a different gait than Homo Sapiens. (Sapiens good at trekking and running, Neanderthals superb at standing and fighting)

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

Thanks Tex, I did not know about the footprints.

I remember reading that there were also signs of Neanderthal activity over a million years ago.

I know that almost all fossils of Neanderthal skulls were invariably very large, some almost crossing into the Melonhead territory. 1750cc was very common.

NjordDanuson said...

Of all the truths you tell people multi decades in advance , the most important one is that the Daanan were real.....

The Observer said...

Tex, a question that I can't quite wrap my head around.

If Neanderthals continually have their achievements stolen and degraded by Saps and get shut down by Melons at the top, why don't they just quit and work on their own stuff? Withdraw their labour, and work only the absolute minimum necessary to get by and channel their energies into their own private works? You seem to have figured it out, withdrawing your own labour mostly and working on Vault-OS, but what about all the others? What compels 'Thals to slave away for Saps when there is no longer someone with a whip looking over their shoulder?

If the Hulk keeps on getting sent out into the rain, why does he keep on saving the day for these ingrates? Why doesn't he just walk away? Why don't they simply withdraw their innovation and ability from society and let Saps fall, while looking out for their own?

May I ask why you think this is the way it is? Have 'Thals not figured it out? Surely after the first or second time, they'd see the pattern there. Are they just that altruistic? They must have been willing to fight Saps once identified as a threat, right? Or is it just an ingrained response?

I just can't quite seem to work it out.

Mantis Mainomai said...

Can you mention more about the footprints, and the difference in gait between Saps and Thals? Your comment is very interesting and leaves me hungry to learn more.


Also, you say of Saps, that "At night it sleeps upon the ground. In some sparse camps there is no sign they even made fire."

Why do you believe a dark skinned African adapted to a warm climate would be able to conquer Europe during the Ice Age, sleeping on the ground and without fire?

Do you no longer believe that Saps were dark skinned Africans, or were there just so many that even if most died, some survived to keep 'hunting'?

I must say, I don't think Sapiens were black Africans as we know today (wasn't it said modern Negros are Sapiens mixed with an archaic hominid, much as modern Europeans are Saps mixed with Neanderthal?) - but who they were, I don't know.

Texas Arcane said...

@The Observer

The hybridized Neanderthal has been incorporated into the larger social body.

I have a better question for you and the answer is just as relevant.

How on Earth could the Romans possibly enslave the Greeks? The Greeks were taller, had harder skulls and bones, were much brighter and by most accounts better looking and far more inventive. So how did Romans keep them as pets for centuries? Much like the "Neolithic Revolution," the Romans did not seem to amount to much of anything until they secured the Greeks as their permanent underclass.

Texas Arcane said...

@The Observer

Thought I'd put my answer into a separate reply.

I keep contracting because it is the most efficient and fair way for me to get my value in a world designed not to value my labor.

I've seen guys who work as permanents and essentially singlehandedly keep their company afloat here in Australia and they never get recognized and they never get any respect and there is never any real payoff for them. The huge difference between them and me is that I end up making $100 an hour and they end up making $20 an hour during the same tenure. Neither one of us anybody gives a damn about, no matter what we do. I'm the guy that figured this out early so as a 'Thal I contract because it pays best for me to do so. I have no illusions about how people like me are treated at large corporations. You're right about us no longer being physically chained to the post. After all, where would we run to?

Texas Arcane said...


I bet if you could see the first early "Cro-Magnons" in Europe, you would see something so horrible it would look like something from an H.P. Lovecraft story. The Innsmouth look. You would see eyes with no souls in them and a mouth that can only make grunts. I doubt if they looked much like anyone alive today. What sort of "people" leave the dead where they fall, first cutting the meat off them before abandoning their carcasses on the open ground? Not a tear was shed for Grandpa, you can be certain.

bicebicebice said... old news but still.

two miles said...

Tex - have you seen the documentary "dead birds"? It seems like something that might have shaped your theories on an intuitive level.

Mantis Mainomai said...

So essentially Cro-magnons were orcs?

And you know, Tolkien wrote of the orcs, "they were elves once". From the Silmarillion:

"Yet this is held true by the wise of Eressëa, that all those of the Quendi [Elves] who came into the hands of Melkor, ere Utumno was broken, were put there in prison, and by slow arts of cruelty were corrupted and enslaved; and thus did Melkor breed the hideous race of the Orcs in envy and mockery of the Elves, of whom they were afterwards the bitterest foes....This it may be was the vilest deed of Melkor, and the most hateful to Ilúvatar."

I know it's fantasy, but when I compare that with your view, it would suggest orcs/Cro-mags were bred from eastern Neanderthals, who then became "bitterest foes" of the rest of the Neanderthals. If "Melkor" or "Nimrod" or generic Melonhead bred them with other hominids that would explain African "origins".

Of course, I read too much into fantasy, but the parallels are interesting.


I vaguely remember Herodotus or some other Greek accounts mentioning peoples around the Black Sea/Caspian Sea/Central Asia who would eat their elders, or simply let them starve, once they reached a certain age. Your reply reminded me of that.

Mantis Mainomai said...

Apparently I made a mistake in the last reply. Melkor seems to be more akin to Satan than Nimrod/Melonheads, which might change the parallel somewhat.

maureenmartin5 said...

Cro-Mags - Negroids

Thals - Caucasoids

Saps - Caananites