Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kwanstainia : Jimmy Savile Times Infinity

Notice how these guys are always sitting on committees overseeing the safety and conditions of children.

Every once in a while, somebody in the survivalist community literally freaks out and grabs their children and absconds to the mountains. There is then a long arduous court case in which this person loses their children and they end up wards of the State. All because their parents just tried to get them out of the metropolitan areas altogether where they are up on the local meat market while the parents are at work. One of the reasons I took my children out of public school is because I know for a fact all the concern knights and arched-eyed custodians of the public good are nothing but hardcore child molesters, each and every one of them. They have successfully learned how to conceal their perversion, often from themselves first.

Those survivalist parents are not paranoid. They simply love their children enough to try to move them to a safe area where they cannot be preyed upon by the improvers and enrichers and winnarz and "respectable" cool peeple and alpha dog scary-eyed whackos who sit on all the committees, like the guy above.

Collins reminds me of this pervert I knew in the military, an enlisted guy who was also a real charismatic who was always the darling of the officers. The same month I placed 23rd in the U.S. Army NATO Marathon in Europe, this guy was put in for a commendation for "Contributing To Unit Morale" and was honored with a certificate in formation the day after I got back from the race. There was a sergeant standing beside me in formation while we watched him get his award growling under his breath, "You believe this sh*t? Private Blakemore qualified for the Olympics yesterday and nobody has so much as shaken his hand, this guy gets a formal commendation awarded to him at battalion level. Blakemore, don't you go AWOL on me, I think you did great. I'm going to buy you a Coke after this bullsh*t, Private, don't let me forget." This pervert was a dead ringer for Stephen Collins and he even had that characteristic smirk all the time. Gosh, I think back to those days when I was running a 2:16 marathon and drinking a litre of Coke every single day. I have always wondered where I could have been in life if I had eaten right and gotten more than 2 hours of sleep at night in the Army. If I had just stopped drinking Coke I probably could have shaved ten seconds off my mile time by stabilizing my blood insulin so I could go more than two hours without drinking the equivalent of a 5 pound bag of raw sugar. Coca-Cola should carry a sticker that bans sale to minors and Neanderthals the same way they ban liquor on the reservations here in Australia. The stuff is poison for people with Morton's Toe and as addictive as heroin to people with the wrong genetic profiles.

Any stranger who tells you he is arbitrarily worried about the welfare of other people's children, it is a safe bet to assume that person is a pedophile looking to get his foot into the doors of family homes under a pretext. You can safely assume that every single one of those "It takes a village to raise a child" leftist idiots is a baby-humper-4-life with 100% guaranteed accuracy. That is just the angle they are working. All that "lean forward" crap is just paraphrasing "Relax, kid. Stop screaming and this will be over quickly. Your mom thinks I'm a big celebrity so there is nobody who is going to believe you."


HalibetLector said...

The stuff is poison for people with Morton's Toe and as addictive as heroin to people with the wrong genetic profiles.

Be thankful you stopped drinking it before they came out with energy drinks. I started drinking Red Bull as a necessity in college, when I was only sleeping 3 hours a night. Then when I worked for startup companies, they would give us the stuff for free. I've never been fond of alcohol, but I drank that stuff until my adrenal glands gave out. I've been clean for 1 year.

NjordDanuson said...

Nyt editorial a few days ago demanding equal protection for pedophiles.All the funding for gay rights was to reach this goal watch as those funds are rolled to nambla and its sister organizations.Hollywood is gearing up as we speak to transition in pedo charectors in movies and tv as the lone hero fighting for there love against a cruel intolerant world........

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

I don't have Morton's toe, but my mom does. I don't think it's a rigid prerequisite.

On another note, my cousin who is a truck driver in Europe, used to drink a couple of bottles of various energy drinks a day to stay awake on particularly demanding routes. After a couple of months, when he was trying to insert his car key into the door lock, he noticed something very strange. His arm just wasn't moving. The energy drinks he was guzzling by the litre every day left him (fortunately) temporarily and partially paralysed for a couple of weeks. He's sworn that he'll never touch that stuff again in his life.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

By the way, the nuclear family is a relatively modern invention. It really does take a village to raise a child, just not in the sense those big government idiots would like you to believe. Strong local communities are needed, which is why they are putting every effort into dissolving and disintegrating them, down to the level of individual families. It will be like that scene in Equilibrium where son tells the authorities that his dad is not taking his pills as prescribed, except in every household.

Amy said...

Yeah, if I start with the sugar, or the bread, I can't stop. Donuts? As deadly as crack for me. I have a sugar-hangover for two or three days afterwards.

Morton's toe...I have it. The highly refined end-products of C4 carbon fixators are not my friends.

As for this guy, something about him is off. The smirk, maybe. He played a role where he was molesting his step-daughter or something, and I couldn't shake my image of him as a molester, even after he became the goody two-shoes pastor on 7th Heaven.

Vigilant Citizen talks endlessly about how the Illuminati masters make or break the success of those in entertainment or politics. I wonder who Collins pissed off, that this is getting out. Smells like a sacrifice, he's being given up to protect someone higher up on the food chain.

scipio afircanus said...

Here in the Kwa, homosexuals can adopt children, and have been doing so for decades. Talk about the fox being in charge of the hen house

Grognard said...

If you have dope like that on someone, it really is the perfect way to control them. I would not be surprised if politics is one giant pedo club these days.

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