Saturday, October 25, 2014


My fear is not the role these 'bots will play in World War III. That will be settled with nuclear weapons and biological warfare.

It is the role these robots will play in World War IV a year or so later, which will target civilians on the ground, not military strategic points. That role will be decisive.

Scavengers aboveground should get used to seeing and avoiding critters like these wherever possible.

If you know the history of warfare, you know as soon as a war breaks out that technology that was formerly a novelty or seemed to have potential (like mustard gas or the machine gun) instantly made quantum leaps forward in sophistication when opposing parties realised it might be the deciding factor in who was going to dominate the battlefield.

All that the Atlas model above needs is a railgun firing steel rods the size of a hair and a small atomic battery like the one in a pacemaker and it could run around the same grid sector killing people for decades without needing any reinforcements, support, replenishment or repairs. Compare that with a human soldier and it is obvious which one is cost-effective. An army of these beats an army of sloppy primates in uniforms with ease. In terms of artificial intelligence, how much do you think is really needed over and above simple terrain navigation? If it shows up on infrared with a heat trace, you shoot it. You could probably outsource the programming to interns in India and it would be pretty hard to get it wrong. I would know, I've done some drone sims for tenders and most of them were not as complicated as your average computer game.


tony said...

so are you saying there is no hope ?if you're in your hole in the ground they'll still be there when you come up or working on ways to deal with them?of course if this ed dames killshot scenario is right probably won't have to worry about it

cbenediccengi said...

check out her little story/allegory at 26:20. sums up everything you say about Saps in one example.

Phantasmagoria said...

As with the carbon based variant i expect the nano version of this the most dangerous. Like bacteria and virusses (hello ebola) which are basically at the top of the foodchain and have unparalelled survivabilty, i expect the same for robots. Self replicating nano bots could be the ELE in the not that far future. Grey goo is a real threat. Btw tesla ceo said recently that AI is a big threat to the world as we know it.

Sam said...

These things scare the hell out of me. You're exactly right about the grid. They wouldn't have to be fast. The movie link is just to give us hope. Actually the machine would have killed him the first time. Hot spot kill. You notice Google(the Jews) bought out one of these companies. Guess why?