Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Just Link'em

I don't write any of this stuff so if you blow an artery out in your head reading it you have only yourself to blame for clicking on it.

Creepy, sick, far-out marxist lunacy. Whacky Orwellian dystopian nuttiness. Twisted, disturbed and going global. Can only get worse. Truly the terminal madness of the end-times. Just remember, this has all happened before in the tenth generation of all previous civilizations we know about. This may be the first time that it is one entire planetwide society (the remains of the West) that has completely lost its mind. There was stuff like this happening at the end of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman and at least two dozen other societies we know about before they collapsed screaming into flaming rubble.

One thing reassuring about all this is that any civilization which refuses to recognize sexual dichotomy won't last. They never do. Pretending girls and boys aren't different is not enlightened and progressive, it is old fashioned crazy and crazy is ubiquitous right about now.

You don't think that people like me were yelling out at those Roman weddings where a man was marrying his goat or two lesbians were marrying a swan? Of course they were. Nobody listened to those guys then and nobody listens to them now. The spectators yelled back, "Love is where you find it and anything that promotes relationships is good!" You don't think the guy like me said "This is a travesty! Do any of you realize how insane this is for a man to enter into a legally recognized sexual union with his goat? This is a gigantic lunatic asylum. The barbarians to the north are outbreeding you people ten-to-one with real families with a mother and father and children. While you idiots are down here f*cking goats, do you know what those people are preparing to do? They are going to come down here and kill us all, burn Rome to the ground and take all of our swan-screwing females away over their shoulders as camp whores! You people are all doomed!!!" I am sure the wedding guests scorned the guy and told him to get out, he was ruining the positive vibes. "Somebody escort that evil hater to the door! We are here today to celebrate the love between a man and his goat! This negative energy that jerk is putting out is ruining everything! What a drag!"


Herman said...

Hen is what I call the jabbering cunts at work who gossip more than work

theepilgrim said...

The loopy nerds at NASA pulled their heads out of their black holes long enough to notice reality? Impressive.

Of course their solution is predictably the stuff of science-fantasy: "a change in policy". Oh yeah, that'll fix it. Just send Captain Picard down to Washington and have him read them the Prime Directive, then everything will be right as rain, I'm sure of it.

Government policies can never fix what nature has deemed broken. The statist fallacy that government is responsible for civilization has been thoroughly disproven by Detroit, Harlem, East St. Louis, Newark and many, many other "enriched" areas--same government as the rest of the US, but very, very different results. A nation isn't the soil, and it sure as hell isn't the government; it's the people.

Jake said...

Good lord. Sweden is batshit crazy, although there is some pushback from the populists and new European right, but they have little chance of prevailing.
And the CPS case from Arizona: good Lord, are you kidding? CPS is out of control. What would you do, Tex, if they took your kids? One would have to get legal help from one's community, fast. Or just break in with force, and have a getaway car waiting, for one's one-way ticket to a small third-world country.

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