Thursday, October 30, 2014

Got Ebola Terror Yet? Can't Wait For Phoney Vaccine?

Doctors advise you to get a flu shot. That doesn't do anything useful, either, but it may make you feel better.

I will be the dude working the mass grave detail with a shovel and rag tied over his face.

"Got another varmint over here all up on his vaccinations. Let's start standing them up so we can pack them tighter. Look at that smile on his face, he died happy knowing he was protected by the vaccine. Tragically, I was unable to afford any of those vaccines and I got Vitamin D and plenty of sleep instead."

One of the last men alive in Constantinople when the Plague of Justinian wiped out the city was the poor servant who cleaned out the drains with his hands beneath the morgue. Procopius tells us that he was laughing as he walked out the gates of the city. The poorest man in the city who could afford no doctors or medicine was one of the very few left alive. All the wealthiest had died with their expensive physicians buried alongside them after they had been fleeced for their entire fortune with useless quackery in search of the cure.

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KW Jackson said...

Limited info I have is that the ebola vaccine proposed is made from dying tobacco plants.