Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goodbye Kwanstainia


Let's see, who should I trust more? This wall of history books I am looking at now?

Or a bunch of people who read and write at a 3rd grade level, have grown up taking Ritalin and Prozac who believe professional wrestling is a real sport and cannot think of a country starting with the letter "U" when stopped on the street?

Which of these two do you think will turn out the fool? The books on my wall? I think not.

I know this story by heart and I know how it ends. Same script, different actors.

The official demolition ceremony begins after the midterm elections.

The Kwa will be bulldozed and replaced by a Wymmins Wellness Center, a crisis youth counseling centre for transgendered Haitians and a 3000 mile wide parade of statues celebrating the victory of communist heroes over the capitalist bourgeois the day after the ballots close.

The new politburo will immediately pass a series of resolutions confirming the right of children to work at fair wage labor and Obama will preside over a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new textile factory where seven year olds will be taught to fetch spindles from weaving machines without interrupting productivity. It is the worker's paradise that Marx promised when he was living as a bum on Friedrich Engels farm.


NjordDanuson said...

-65 hip deep snow walking south in sneakers and thin cotton clothes starving thats the only future left for the kwa.Pure enrichenmation at its finest..

Russell said...

The bright spot is after Washington implodes and takes down the US Federal government in a spectacular multi-year train wreck, there are quite a number of families that are willing (and hopefully ready) to rebuild a Christian society.

It's going to be hard times for awhile in the States, but these things are cyclic. We're in a down swing, Christians will be increasingly persecuted by Caesar as the wheels come off Western civilization and barbarism rises. But all empires end, all civilizations that toss out hard earned truths end up getting ground apart by reality.

It's our job to keep the seeds of civilization alive and teach them to our children and their children until such a time it's possible to rekindle civilization.

Grognard said...

Country is being obliterated and no one seems to even care.