Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Declining Societies Specialize In Excuses, Not Results

The economy was taking another downturn this fall anyway.

Now they can blame the "Ebola Crisis."

Like a bankrupt gambler who claims it is not his addiction that is the problem, rather all these lousy poker machines that are not paying off right now.

"You're visiting straight from the hot zone in Liberia as an emergency care worker with Ebola-like symptoms who passed through customs without being examined by a doctor? The CDC said you should go home and mingle with the public for a week. Their stringent monitoring practices require it."

It looks like the race to abandon the dollar is becoming a rout. All we will hear about until the end of the year is how the Ebola Crisis caused the world to lose faith in the dollar as a world currency. Watch and see.

Mainstream media admits preppers exist when it supports their current agenda.

I would bet you anything that if you spoke to 9 out of 10 preppers you would learn that they are stocking up because they know this "Ebola Crisis" is a false flag and they are wondering just what the hell the government is really getting ready to try to pull, like a nationwide quarantine in FEMA camps.

EDIT : One thing I just remembered from Psy-Ops is that our instructor said people who are frightened lose the will to resist authority. It wears them down in short order and they will relent to anyone who seems to be promising them decisive action. This whole thing could be engineered as a means of getting a vote through the Senate on a declaration of war on ISIS which otherwise might not succeed.


Russell said...

I only read a few paragraphs from CNBC

First sentence:
"The so-called prepper community..."

Third paragraph:
"And since Ebola has been on the community's radar for so long, many people have already stocked up."

How dense to you have to be to fail to understand that if a community has prepared by stocking up on supplies, they aren't 'so-called' but are actually prepared?

I mean, the person that wrote that had to have read over his work and seen that within four sentences, he's demolished his own point. Right?

So I stopped reading. I'm sure the rest of the article is at the same level.

KW Jackson said...

If this is an ebola Reston (airborne) variant then it's real trouble. The vital data on Reston is impeccably hard to find, particularly it's R value. Of course the real news media (not the MSM/lamestream) were crying that ebola victims had been flown into the USA about 6 weeks ago. You think this level of incompetence exists you are experiencing D-K effect.