Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dallas HHS Director Caught Outright Lying To Public

Big panic in Dallas. Even the slowest sheeple are starting to realize that the government is manufacturing an epidemic deliberately.

This will help conceal the abandonment of the dollar, promote mindless conditions of fear and learned helplessness in the public to get them to support a declaration of war on ISIS and destroy Texas, the only healthy and free economy left in the United States.

Remember how before the war on Iraq, the papers were all carrying stories about an "epidemic" of child abductions all over the United States occurring randomly in every state? Classic Psy-Ops public manipulation. People were so baffled between these abductions and the sniper shootings targeting people on the East Coast they barely noticed when the assault on Iraq's civilians began. They were paralyzed into submission by raw, mortal terror.

Possible connection to Soros and disappearance of MH17

Was the plane destroyed because it was carrying an Ebola expert who knew about a mutation discovered that would enable it to spread readily?

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Herman said...

As a Texan I support secession