Wednesday, October 1, 2014

California Sees To It That Only One Million MS-13 Gang Members Will Have Guns

Brilliant stuff, California. We hardly knew ye. This should really speed things up nicely.

If I were a reconquista I'd be worried about guns in the hands of the people I intend to rob, rape and kill in order to reclaim California for Mexico. A lot of Crips and Bloods will be sleeping easier knowing these new unconstitutional laws will be used to seize guns from nearly all law-abiding people.

At the tenth generation everyone goes mad. As far as I know only Vault-Co readers and myself retain any presence of mind at all. As you may know, sometimes I wonder about some of you. So that just leaves me, Amy and that french guy who posts here under different synonyms. The rest of you, don't make any sudden moves.

If only we could tie all of you up and do some kind of blood test to determine if you are infected. I am working on it. I need two brothers to volunteer to help me and they both have to be willing to squeeze a flamethrower on the man if it comes to that.


Jake said...

It's odd how even self-made millionaire "conservatives" like my brother call me a crazy for thinking we need to be able to defend ourselves and family from criminals, especially the biggest criminal of all, who shall remain nameless, but starts with a G.
He actually believes all the mainstream explanations of everything, including 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, MH17, etc.
Unbelievable. I try to explain concepts like critical thinking, the art of propaganda, but he basically just closes his ears and calls me names.
Most people are hopeless.

Lazer said...

I just did my thrid day in training at an email server company. So many bullshit artists. Im losing my mind already and I haven't even be able to access a server properly yet. Everything you ever wrote about IT on this blog is true. The best part is our team "leader" passes the buck onto our actual leader, an UBER TT.

Texas Arcane said...


Just stick with it until the total insanity passes and leaves a pleasant stress-free calm when you realize you just don't give a damn anymore one way or the other. This is called "Senior Developer."

Luke said...

I live in a relatively homogenous, safe, college town in central California. Last night I was sitting with my friend on his front porch when a drunken Mexican man approached us from the street. He stumbled across the lawn and up onto the porch.

He asked for a ride. We told him we couldn't help him and to call a cab instead. He started to argue with us. I told him to leave. He ignored me and kept arguing. He started pumping his chest and challenged us to fight.

There are no firearms in the house because according to the housemates, "we don't need weapons in a civilized society."

Fortunately we just called the cops and he split. But what if we were 20 minutes from town? What if our phones were out of battery? What if the cops couldn't respond?

Everything here just gets worse and worse. I need to leave soon.

Luke said...



Ave said...

"So that just leaves me, Amy and that french guy who posts here under different synonyms."

Woops. Busted :)

Well then let's go all the way and shamelssly promote my (90% finished) novel :

Above 340,000 words, 69 chapters, emphasis on low-tech and Thal skills.

Ave AKA Solsys

NjordDanuson said...

There working overtime to build that Cormac McCarthy future.Its so close you can almost smell the baby stew aka rainbow stew cooking along the side of the road......