Monday, October 6, 2014

Ambivalence Is Connected To Frontal Lobe Damage

Just like a digital switch that can't hold a charge and keeps flip-flopping

The media is staffed by ambivalent people. They smile all the time, they act confident and self-assured and they always behave as if the next decision is self-evident. All of these behaviors are common in people with damage to the frontal lobes or amygdala. One of the reasons they feel so confident is that their frontal lobes are not performing their intended function of examining their actions, predicting consequences and analyzing their outlook to make sure it stays synchronized with reality. People with frontal lobes carved out are super confident all the time, the most self-assured of them all. It is because they cannot think of any reason they should not be so.

One day they tell you that preppers are crazy, the next day they may have a point. It depends on what day it is and what circumstances.

Meanwhile, preppers never change. They are always hitting the same themes - society is not stable nowadays and can collapse overnight. This has happened in Texas - overnight - despite all the reassurances of the confident, smirking and self-assured elites in the media and government.

I was watching DOOMSDAY PREPPERS last night and I felt genuinely sorry for some of them thinking how good their instincts were but they lacked the intelligence to articulate these fears they had, most of them extremely well founded anxieties about the future. The show is engineered to make preppers look bad. That is really all that Social Justice Warriors do, is commit character assassination on real people living their lives with some modicum of sanity. They showed the family man who blows off his own thumb on the shooting range, the tomboy who was hiking across Los Angeles in shorts at night and the woman packing food into her door frames. Do you know what? I didn't feel like making fun of any of these people, I felt sorry for them because their instincts were so much better than those of the people around them but their society had failed to provide them with the necessary support, education and income required to cope with their fears. All of them were doing it on their own and they were doing a spectacular job of it too, on limited incomes and 9 hour work days where most of their paycheck was taken away in taxes and none of it returned to them in civil defense infrastructure. Each one of them was like a small lonely tribe facing huge odds all by themselves.

After the show was over, I was thinking that each one of them, no matter how misguided or underfunded, was a million times more in touch with reality than the assholes watching and laughing at them. In every single case you could see their primary motivation was love, including the desire to find it. There was so much more life in them and so much more will and purpose. To the masses, they were just another reality show to flick through. I saw the Neanderthal in them and I admired each and every one of them. I wished I had enough money to send them each a million in the mail and allow them to make some real preparations.

I had this feeling of wanting to reach out to preppers everywhere and use my brains for something other than just serve as a crazy prophet screeching "you're all going to die!" so I spent the rest of the night working on Vault-OS and trying to get the code in good enough shape to release. Still got a ways to go. I believe that the day I release version 1.0 of VOS as open source will be the best day of my life. I think that VOS will go down in history as the most useful code I ever wrote, not just for myself but anybody else who uses it.


Grognard said...

I'm not hiding in any bunker. I'll go down shooting.

Sitara said...

It appears sciencemajistics has dropped the crack pipe for a bit and stumbled onto something useful: Telegony might be a real thing after all.

Our ancestors were much more wise and intelligent than we give them credit for. There is a reason they preferred virgin wives, there is a reason fornication and adultery was punishable with death.

Until scienmajistics and their atheist cult came along and declared the wisdom and gut instincts of our ancestors to be 'superstitious religious nonsense' and gave all women free reign to fuck around with anyone willy nilly.

I wonder what other revelations that our ancestors knew as fact thousands of years ago will be 'rediscovered' by scienmajistics.

Tex, I would like to hear your thoughts on Telegony, and what ancient Neanderthals might have thought about it, if you have come across anything about it.

Jehu said...

Puts a different spin on the OT tradition that you're supposed to take your brother's wife if he dies without issue and reckon the first child as his doesn't it?

Amy said...

You keep confirming that I'm not nuts, Tex, but I worry nonetheless, because I'm the only one in my family, at least the only one I know of, as no one else "get" me when I talk about even the most tame of these prepper ideas.

Oh, well. I'll be eating potatoes I dig out of my yard and beans I've winnowed from the dried pods I've grown, while they search for ketchup to make soup on the shelves of ravaged grocery stores.

Who am I kidding? I'll feed them and my nieces and nephews, too. Low confidence has been a hallmark of my life, but perhaps it will be its saving grace after all.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. When I met my husband, and he said that casually at a social event, it was a true-love-cometh moment.

Herman said...

Costco started selling 1 year food survival kits. I thank my father for the outdoorsman experience I gained and learning how to handle a rifle

cbenediccengi said...

Amy, you are not alone, we make up a minority for sure. I am the ONLY person in my family who thinks like you/Tex. I am a complete black sheep.

And you're right, we will help when the time comes, its what we're destined to do/be, like Atlas holding the world upon his shoulders.

I would bet that most Thal types have low self confidence as well. The 'others' have no critical thinking, and that applies to self-reflection as well.

it's pretty damn rare to find a decent Thal chick, do the world a favor and keep yourself safe from the coming troubles.

Lest we all forget,