Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Good Start

What do you call a busload of Monsanto CEOs going over a cliff?

It's a crying shame. Now here is one that is much worse.

Every 13 seconds, an Indian farmer who defaults on his farm and crops after Monsanto has taken the lot from him with their GMO crop scheme loaned at exhorbitant interest rates commits suicide. That man leaves an average of 22 extended family members as either orphans or in complete poverty when he does so. If you work out the math there are at least 4 million indians who have been reduced to corpses or pauperdom as a result of signing an agreement with Monsanto.

Monsanto, responding to these accusations, paid a lot of money to press outlets to portray this as a misunderstanding, an urban myth or just the whining of sore losers. They paid a lot of money to suppress the information that at least a quarter of these farmers were drinking Monsanto insecticides to kill themselves to send a clear message to the world as to who was at the root of their misery and what had reduced them to this despair.

If I picked up the paper tomorrow morning and read that the entire corporate staff of Monsanto had burned to death in the middle of the night, I'd be disappointed they got off easy and did not know the grief they brought the rest of mankind before they karked it. I'd like to carve a sign in the side of the Great Wall of China reading F*CK MONSANTO in letters six stories high so it can be seen by satellite reconnaissance from outer space. We could see if that feedback from Planet Earth would make a dent in their corporate strategy. I am sure they would dismiss it as just sore losers "causing trouble" - for "them."

If Monsanto vanished from this galaxy that would not be the worst thing that has ever happened down here.

I'm still having trouble believing that almost a century after Winston Churchill starved to death a couple million indians with a food blockade because he felt like it, people are still killing Indians with aplomb and even successfully suppressing the news of their deeds. It is not just rapine, murder and extortion it is freedom from accusation so these psychopaths don't even hear of their own crimes. You wouldn't want to upset these special snowflakes.

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Grognard said...

Monsanto is about as evil as it gets. The less independent people are (aka farmers) the more happy bolshevik types who want to tear everything down will be.