Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Guardian : Popular Science Is Junk Science

The Guardian timidly tries to conjure the outlines of more than 150 years of overt deception in anthropology.

The reason this "science" was revealed to be childish junk is the internet. Once the internet was widely available and the facts got distributed to a much larger audience than the official priesthood of academia, better minds than the sorts of people who cluster in universities to escape the real world were exposed as too slow-witted to be handling these fossils and dribbling out the evidence at a glacial pace.

When people were able to see, read and experience the facts directly instead of through press releases rewritten by journalists who were listening on a phone to academics it was obvious this "science" was no such thing.

Once you understand just how long they have been getting away with concealing these ideas, you start to lose your faith in the "march of knowledge." Sometimes it doesn't just stand still - it moves backwards.

The internet is possibly one of the best and the worst things that has ever happened to mankind in terms of throwing open the gate of truth to everyone.

They are starting to come around but they can't stop using those ridiculous pictures to portray them, which are nothing what Neanderthals looked like.

This is a Neanderthal prisoner being transferred from the Axis to the Allied side. His arm is broken because Adolf Hitler told his staff that if it looked like there were any possibility of any of their Neanderthals being captured by the opposing Sapiens army they were to be killed. The Nazi was only successful at breaking his arm before he escaped. Von Braun was "free" for almost a day or two before he was transferred to his new masters at Nasa, who needed him to work on ICBMs to kill Russians instead of V2s for Englishmen. For the next ten years, Von Braun could not go to the bathroom without a handler and even appeared in public with a military escort. Does this sound like a man who was ever "free" no matter who he was serving at any given moment? This is not the destiny his mother had planned for him but it is the one he was born into. For thirty thousand years these people have been chained to posts making weapons for Homo Sapiens. The axes have gotten bigger over the years and are now rocket propelled but the basic roles remain the same. When you need good quality weapons to kill people with you get the Neanderthal caste to make them for you. Everyone knows Sapiens loves to fight but was never much good at it.


John said...

"The arrival of modern humans may simply have swamped and assimilated them."

The light version, to be sure. Going by the article it seems as if there are at least a few people interested in figuring out what actually happened. And thank God for people like you. I can't imagine the nature of my outlook had I not started reading this blog.

Amy said...

I'm with John. Most of my life, I've felt like I was living with a bunch of crazy people, only they said I was crazy and they were sane.

They're all successful in conventional ways, happy to accumulate stuff and status at others' expense. I've basically retreated into a cave.

I find the skull comparison interesting. Look at the size of those eyes, and brain case. I can't imagine what some people were thinking in their hubris, of heavy brow ridges and receding chins, short stature, incapable of language but totally brutal (I'm looking at you, Jean Auel).

For anyone not familiar, Auel wrote an incredibly popular series of books about early Cro-Mags in Europe and their Neanderthal enemies. In the first book, the Thals are portrayed as total backwards brutes who beat and rape an orphaned blondie cro-mag girl into submission until she, like, totally gets bad ass and goes her own way to survive on the steppes. In the subsequent novels, lots of sex at dawn ensues. Primal life porn, no wonder she sold so well.

Problem with her books is, she did her research AT THE TIME (1970s) and the research told her that is exactly what Neanderthals were: brutish thugs who couldn't speak and had little culture, compared to the elegant and gracile Cro-Mags of Lascaux. Legions of men and women read the books and think they now know all about early man from her fantasy novels. I read them, obvs, but it triggered me to want to know more, and what I found was fascinating and didn't jive at all with what she wrote about. Unfortunately, most people just stop at reading popular novels or popular junk science and never get curious. About anything. Ever.

This lack of curiosity or desire to know, this is what drives me so crazy about people around me. It makes me wonder if I really am dumb, and that everyone else already knows this stuff and I'm playing catch-up and they're too patronizing to tell me.

God bless, Tex.

Amy said...

Also, John, per the quote at the top of your comment, I wonder that it never occurs to scientists to say "Saps waged warfare for territory and resources and wiped out their Thal cousins."

It's not like the "wiped-out" theory hasn't been floated before for man the hunter who wiped out the megafauna. It's known that genocide is a base human trait (see: ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY). Why not the Cro-Mags wiping out Thals because genocide?

I suspect they're falling into the Noble Savage trap whilst attempting to appear intellectually neutral and curious despite having made up their minds that primitive=good and Western Civilized + Christian = bad, bad, bad. Jared Diamond is so proud.

John said...

They just can't come right out and say it, once they start to realize what actually happened. Revisionist History 101, hide the horrible truth because it makes us look like a bunch of assholes.

Noble Savage, eh? I read a bit of Diamond, pretty funny stuff. The Northern Europeans just got really lucky, is all. I mean, look at poor Africa, with its enormous landmass, warm climate, and unlimited natural resources. In the face of all that, it's no wonder they've done absolutely nothing besides eat and fornicate for the last 500,00 years. Indeed.

More and more all I'm able to say about any of this crap is that people are flawed. Completely obvious, I know, but they try to hide it from you. Coming of age during the self-esteem movement has given me an appreciation for how absurd and dangerous it is to turn a blind eye to one's own weaknesses. It makes you vulnerable to yourself and completely oblivious as to what's actually happening in the world. I remember reading about Tex's experiences with atheism and transhumanism and thinking, man, they've been at this for a while now and even a guy like Tex isn't immune. Pretty scary.

Chris from Sydney said...

As I was reading the closing comments I remembered that in dark ages Europe the village blacksmith lived apart from the village and he alone had the secret of sword making. A solitary creature, you left him alone and didn't look him in the eye, ever.
A mysterious creature he was regarded with awe and fear, whose mere gaze could kill.

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