Friday, September 19, 2014

The End of The Kwa Forever

You knew when they were holding impromptu street interviews with Kwanstainians and none of them could think of a country starting with the letter "U" that their dominance of tech was just an old story to be committed to the history books.

All they had left was tech. If that goes, it is just a 3,000 mile wide Bosnia waiting to happen.

Thomas Chittum will turn out to be right. Everybody else will turn out to be completely wrong. Mark my words, you will see it in your lifetime, I guarantee you.

There was a reason that the Kwa dominated the world for 200 years. That reason has vanished and so will the Kwa. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Forgot the copybooks of Kipling, climb into the hopper of history for disposal.

The most hilarious part is how many modern people keep screeching about things just getting better every day. Sounds exactly like the last decade of the Roman Empire. Barbarians? You're being ridiculous, barbarians live at least a two weeks walk from the center of Rome. You'll never see barbarians burning and sacking Rome. Impossible. Could never happen.

Increasingly, my wild and outrageous predictions about the future fail to keep pace with the absurdity in the real world. I am trying but I just can't think of stuff this far out. I strive for the irrelevance of the amazing Criswell and yet my predictions still manage to come true. I have to think of even more ridiculous forecasts in order to avoid being outstripped by actual developments.

Billionaire bolshevists and millionaire marxists who have destroyed the United States over the past fifty years. Can't imagine what life would be like without'em. Happy, prosperous, free?


August said...

But nobody knows how to blow bubbles like we do. That's what this IPO is- another bubble. It actually has some basis in reality, whereas most of the stuff out of Silicon Valley is another app for your smart phone.

But if someone dislodges America as PR king, what will be left? Telemundo?

theepilgrim said...

I've been watching some classic What's My Line? lately, and even from that silly little game show you can get a clear picture that the people back then were just a better breed, by a wide margin.

A nation isn't the soil, it's the people. And the people sure have changed in the Kwa.