Monday, September 1, 2014

Terminal Madness of the Endtimes Weekly Roundup Edition

Kwanstainia is a third world country. A third world country is a nation without a middle class. Kwanstainians are the most hopelessly enslaved because they think themselves free when they are in fact hopelessly enslaved. Every single thing their ancestors left them has been stolen right out from under their noses in broad daylight.

This is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about. For the past ten years. Vault-Co was right. Others were emphatic and yet wrong. My ideas were predictive. Their ideas never predicted anything. Which of these two sets of ideas do you think was closer to the reality?

Third world countries persecute their own citizens as an internal enemy on behalf of their constituents, the wealthy. The Constitution forbids standing armies but the Constitution got shredded and burned a long, long time ago. Governments are uniquely positioned to kill and murder their own citizens, being capable of passing laws to make them as defenceless as possible.

I can remember growing up at how I was seemingly the only person who cared about the original law of the United States. Others shrugged. They were too advanced for all that. They thought so, anyhow. They will see the error of their ways, unfortunately it will be too late to matter.

Governments, since they control the judges, the courts and the lawyers, can arrange for special protection for criminals that otherwise they would not have. Like the mob brags, they never lose a case because they have a personal relationship with all the people standing behind the law.

Governments can manufacture enemies to keep their own populations terrorised with and to provide a cover story for the atrocities they inflict on their own citizens.

The flesh of the children of their citizens is their meat and potatoes, whether as sexual slaves or soldiers to fight their wars. Governments need the life force of children to sustain their evil. There is always a demand for more sex slaves and soldiers.

When freedom of speech outlives its usefulness, it is simply taken away. You are free to speak what you are told you can speak about. Which is nothing. There is already a culture like this. It is called Islam. They have published about 4 books in 1000 years, all of which are about Islam. They have no innovations to speak of in over 1000 years. They have no more access to clean drinking water than they had 1000 years ago, even with Western assistance.

With no freedom of speech, evil men are free to weave fantastic tales of madness and absurdity without being contradicted by anyone else.

As any farmer knows, when you have a surplus of domesticated beasts you can no longer put to a plow or who offer no additional value no matter how they are squeezed, you must cull the herd. It is nothing to rid oneself of spare beasts that have no further use.

Barack Obama, President of Kwanstainia
(Note NWO Superstar Satanist T-Shirt)


Amy said...

Ugh, Obama in a Crowley tee?

He's such a frigging dork, and I say that as the reigning Queen of Dorks from ICS, 1980-89.

Stop trying to be cool.

Wait a minute...he's letting his masters know he's got his priorities straight. Scratch that, not a dork. Pure evil. Dorks, at least, seldom know better.

He's not that smart, but he knows who holds his leash, and serves them well.

KW Jackson said...

It's not strictly related but this spoken word MP3 goes into the Enki, slave, gold, mythos. I'd very much like to read/hear your opinion on it, Tex.

Mex Arcane said...

Looks legit.

scipio afircanus said...

Aleister Crowley...a robust argument for mellonheads having a predisposition for evil?

Luke said...

@KW Jackson

Thanks, I enjoyed.