Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soylent Green Style Death Chambers Right Around The Corner

Complete with beautiful music and a nice movie to serenade you on your way out.

Belgium has always been a testing ground for all kinds of demonic initiatives by the NWO. They are always embroiled in horrific child sex trade scandals and human trafficking, exploring the limits of how cheap they can reduce mankind's individual worth per head.

They are promoting this double header event heavily. If they had their way they'd be doing two parent households like this at 30 like in Logan's Run. Economic return starts to dip after that age. When you see those dystopian stories, do you think they just started blowing up people in the air at thirty years old with no desensitisation first? Of course not. There was a long history there for quite a while and then one day it was well enough accepted they took the next logical step and started blowing people up at Carousel once their usefulness was at an end.

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Ave said...

Excerpt :'It takes courage to hang, it takes courage to jump into the canal. But a doctor who makes you a shot and lets you gently fall asleep? It does not take courage.'

It could also remin of of "Children of men" and the Quietus pills.

If the kill-off vaccines are indeed sterilizing (as being written here and there), then that movie was really visionary... or psychological preparation.

In the UK series "Utopia" (very well made BTW, as series go) the whole idea is that the sterility virus is the actual depopulation program.

The authors of that series went beyond reading "The Limits of Growth", they asked themselves some questions about the psychology of these people.

It is as in-your-face as can be. Also features a true-blood survivalist (with a shelter) whose survival skills are actually helping.