Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Snapshots Before The Third World War

A shallow, superficial, degenerate and decaying civilisation of born losers and the easily forgotten.

These people are like ghost vacuums left behind when the soul is sucked out of a real person.


styrac1 said...

Rabid atheist bewildered that student believers of all faiths have no tolerance for snarky condescending faux-intellectual belittling of their Constitution-protected religious beliefs and rights. This anti-religious antagonism and secularism run amok is carefully crafted and promoted to become a liberal "Enlightened" assault on faith and spirituality that serve as the basis of traditional codes of morality - so as to drive them out from society and public debate and then proceed to replace them with their own.

John Cougar Melonhead said...

The third world, you say?

styrac1 said...

Fake mobile phone towers that can spy on smartphones have been discovered around the US

speakeasyx said...

Couldn't've said it better myself.

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